The Top 15 Best Baby Walkers Reviews & Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Every parent is much tensed about their baby. Their physical development along with mental development is a concerning factor to them. And a baby walker lessens this tension.


Because a baby walker is equipped with entertaining gadgets and it helps their muscles to develop faster and master the art of walking. They simultaneously develop their walking muscles, and funny stuff makes them happy.

Whoever doesn't appreciate this innovation! Yes, you are right and being concern about your baby you have come here. You will get the proper guidelines, and our 15 best baby walkers reviews section will get you know about differently priced baby walkers with different features.

This review is based on customers’ user experience, their feedbacks, and analysis from our experts. So first let’s see the price comparison for each products.

Top 15 Best Baby Walkers Price Comparison Table








6 pounds

16.5 x 14.2 x 18.1 inches


12.3 pounds

27.8 x 25.5 x 18 inches


8.7 pounds

27 x 24 x 7 inches


13.8 pounds

26 x 24 x 26 inches


14 pounds

28 x 26 x 21.5 inches


11 pounds

34 x 28 x 24 inches


5.2 pounds

29 x 25.1 x 5 inches


9.2 pounds

29 x 25 x 5 inches


15.4 pounds

32 x 25.8 x 32 inches


10 pounds

30 x 25 x 23 inches


7.5 pounds

24.3 x 30 x 25 inches


11 pounds

24 x 28.1 x 22.5 inches


10.6 pounds

29.5 x 5 x 25 inches


12.2 pounds

23.5 x 6.8 x 18.2 inches


14.3 pounds

25.2 x 29.5 x 26 inches

Why baby walker?

The importance of choosing the best baby walkers from the market can be described in one word- entertainment. Yes, the baby walkers keep them busy by entertaining them with inside toys and other gadgets.

Many baby walkers also come with music and videos playing features. These help them to provide constant happiness, remove loneliness and make them cheerful.

Though overuse may cause problems but be aware of the problems you can solve these so easily. You can find these baby walkers in different styles, colors and have a different price range.

Choosing the best rated baby activity walker from the market can be confusing. To get rid of this confusion just read this guideline to its last and finds the best one for you.

The arguments against a baby walker

The common argument that is raised whenever talking about a baby walker – “is it harmful to developing muscles and other bones”? The answer is ‘yes’.

But if you know the proper technique and have basic knowledge, how long you should keep your baby in the walker, it won't be a problem anymore.

The baby walker is vastly used as a babysitter. As because of the funny stuff equipped with a baby walker, it keeps your baby entertained. But there is also another argument about the fact too.

Baby walker delays in physical and mental development. Yes, it's true. But as we previously stated, you should know how long you should keep your baby in a walker.

People are also much concerned about the injuries that a baby walker can occur. But resisting these injuries, parents should be careful while they are on a baby walker. If you want to know more about is it good or bad, you must read this article once.

Look here-"What Dr. Kirthi said about baby walker?" (in video)

Should I buy my baby a baby walker?

If your baby is learning to walk, then a baby walker might be the best companion for him. Though it has some disadvantages considering all the facts baby walker can be very beneficial.

Let's give you a short view why your baby needs walker.

  • Baby walker is equipped with many toys. This is a great entertaining feature for your toddler. He or she can play while learning to walk.
  • Many baby walkers available in the market come with music and videos playing option. These keep them happy.
  • Your baby will learn to walk easily within a short period. Though many health professionals don't provide the information.

So, looking all the advantages, you can obviously go for a baby walker. But before buying the best baby walker from the market, be aware, it comes with the best security guards.

Many experts discourage this baby walker only for the lacking of the safety. If you can ensure it by choosing a perfect one, it will be fun for your baby.

When can a baby use a walker?

The best age for a baby to use baby walker is 4-16 months. By the development of the muscles, they learn to walk. This baby walker can add additional fun to their walking experience.

Remember overuse of the baby walker can cause a problem. But due to the advancement of modern technology baby walker has got a new look. It is equipped now with many funny kinds of stuff.

So they don't seem afraid of walking anymore. They don't get bored inside a baby walker anymore. 

Want to know how to teach your baby to walk then click on the link.

Here is "Top Rated Baby Walkers Reviews" Just go through

#1 Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Why We Love It?

With adaptive technology, this best baby walker encourages your baby to become a walker from a crawler. Apart from teaching to walk, plenty of toys will give your baby lot of fun.

That is why it is listed at the top of our best baby walkers reviews. It's also known as one of the best push walkers. Now let’s take a short look on other highlighted features.

Best baby walkers for carpet

Highlighted Features:

2 Different Modes Of Playing

This excellent product provides the child two playing modes while walking. One is learning mode the baby can learn about various shapes, colors, numbers. On the other, music mode enables the baby to hear various sound effects, piano notes along with animal sounds.

5 Piano Keys To Encourage Activity

To hear some musical melody, there are five keys for playing piano notes. All these five keys will keep engage the child with its activity and develop its creativity.

Many Entertaining Instruments

This unique walker comes with two colorful spinning rollers, three light up buttons, three shape sorters, over 70 different songs, phrases, sounds. All these will not only encourage a baby to walk but also develop gross motor skills.


  • Contains a removable play panel for interactive learning.
  • Has mechanical elements along with a telephone set.
  • Provides two different settings for speed control.
  • Attached rubber seam to prevent sliding.
  • Comes with wheel lock for stationary playing.


  • Electronics may not work due to a bad battery.
  • Non-stop playing of music may annoy the child.

#2 Joovy Spoon Walker

Why We Love It?

With the combination of both walker and a high chair, you need to check out this top rated baby walker. It is one walker that conserves sufficient support as well balance to your baby.

Top rated baby walkers

Highlighted Features:

Wide Base For Better Safety

This walker has a wider base than other typical walkers. This wide base primarily prevents the baby fingers from getting pinched. Apart from that, it also enables to distribute the entire load to carry with uniformity.

Oversized Wheels along With Non-slip Stair Pads

There are oversized wheels attached to the walker to make movements with ease and comfort. Also, the wheels have non-slip stair pads that prevent the walker from sliding on floor surfaces.

Large Tray With Removable Insert

There is a spacious, large tray on the walker to enable the baby to play with various toys and other things. The insert comes with removing facility that is also safe from dishwater.


  • Built with lightweight cardboard pieces and also, Styrofoam.
  • Provides a comforting, machine washable seat pad.
  • Has three different height positions to support the baby.
  • Folds flat enough for easy storage and maintenance.
  • User-friendly without any BPA, PVC, and Phthalate as well.


  • Not suitable for tall children.
  • Slow mobility on carpeted floor.

#3 Safety 1st Ready Set Walk Walker

Why We Love It?

This one comes on the top rated baby walkers lists with its simple but useful design as well as features. If your concern about safety is more than other things, then it would be a good option for you.

Best walkers for infant

Highlighted Features:

Wide Base For Higher Stability

A unique feature with this walker is its wide base. This wide base carries all the load of your baby and distributes the load uniformly all over the walker. A base like this also provides greater stability against sliding or turning over.

Crevice Free Activity Tray

The playing tray of this walker is free from crevice which makes it easy for the child to learn fast and safe. Furthermore, you can wipe out the tray according to your necessity and wash it properly.

Sturdy Wheels For Uneven Floor Surfaces

Apart from the frame, the wheels of this walker are also sturdy. This enables the baby to make frequent movements on bare floors and also reduces the risk of any potential damage while moving on the uneven floor.


  • Contains a machine washable padded seat.
  • Offers height adjustments at 3 different positions.
  • Folds into a compact shape for better storage.
  • Comes with multiple playing activities and encouraging songs as well.
  • Requires no battery to operate.


  • The seat doesn't swivel at all.
  • Doesn't work that good on carpet.

#4 Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker

Why We Love It?

When the requirement of safety and features meet with a gorgeous outlook for a baby walker, this is one of the best walker for toddlers comes in the first place. With an appearance similar to a racing car, this one has everything to attract a baby.

Best walker for toddlers

Highlighted Features:

Removable, Vibrating, Entertaining Activity Center

The vibrating activity center adds too much fun to the playing kid of yours. It has to remove facility so that you can wash this without any trouble. The center also offers immense fun activity with sounds, lights and steering wheels as well.

Full-sized Snack Tray

There is a snack tray which is right under the activity center. The tray is full-sized and thus enable the baby to take its food with comfort.

Padded And Washable Seat

The seat of this walker is padded and provides better support at the back of the child. And again, the seat is washable making it very easy for you to maintain and clean.


  • Durable and strong enough for the baby to exercise with.
  • Comes with very stylish and attractive design.
  • Has an ignition as well as gear toggle for speed control.
  • Needs no battery to run the walker.
  • Provides folding facility for easy and quick storage.


  • The rear wheels don't swivel around.
  • Sticker on bumper may scratch off after some usage.

#5 Combi All in One Mobile Entertainer

Why We Love It?

This walker is one of the best baby walkers for carpet that permits your baby not only to stand and jump but also to explore its surrounding condition. Its unique features will amuse you and attract your baby to ride on.

Best walker for baby

Highlighted Features:

Lockable Jumper

This walker comes with a jumper with lock, and this allows your baby to jump with maximum safety. Apart from that, the lockable jumper will help your baby to learn walking much faster.

3 Position Height Adjustment

This mobile walker has an adjustment facility with three positions. You can adjust the height according to the necessity of your child. You can make your little one to get much comfort through this.

Electronic Play Tray With Fun

An electronic tray will add much entertainment to your little child for sure. It stimulates a baby through its fun music, mirrors, colorful lights as well as different toys to play with.


  • Built with 100% polyurethane foam.
  • Comes with a removable car hood.
  • Facility of increasing tray surface for snacks.
  • Wheels do swivel in any direction.
  • Very easy to put together without any tools.


  • Rough usage may cause the walker to break.
  • May seem a little stiff to make jumps at first.

>>>Click Here To Read Full Review<<<

#6 Bright Starts Walk-a-Bout Walker

Why We Love It?

If you have a plan for your baby to go for a safari, then let's get started with this product. And for roaming, this is just right. This is one of the best baby walkers with a perfect package of jungle fun.

Best toddler walker

Highlighted Features:

Easy Storage With Folding Facility

This product comes with a unique facility of folding to make it very easy to store. It also enables you to save a lot of spaces. Again, it folds flat just like you need and delivers a compact storage.

Additional Safety Features

This walker has better safety options thanks to the wide and sturdy frame. Furthermore, the safety rubber feet make a break while your child is trying to get close to uneven surfaces.

Removable Electronic Toy Station with 2 Link Loops

The electronic toy station comes with entertaining agents like colorful lights as well as funny melodies and sounds. And also, it is removable to increase the space. Also, two link loops will help your baby to play with more toys.


  • Toys are available for on to go or for floor play.
  • Provides much comfort and support to the baby.
  • Three different adjustable height positions.
  • Versatile walker with lightweight to carry.
  • Full sideward movement with the steering wheel.


  • Not suitable for rolling on the carpet.
  • May seem difficult to steer the wheel at first.

#7 Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker

Why We Love It?

When you have a princess and need to get one walker that suits her, you would like to think of this one. This one has some nice features to get it on the top rated baby walkers list.

Best safe baby walker

Highlighted Features:

4 Different Toys Along with Theme Songs

This walker comes with four types of toys for your princess - musical light-up castle, magic wand teether, ball gown bead rail and carriage spinner. All these four toys have excellent theme songs to cheer your child up.

2 Removable Activity Trays

There are two removable trays which give you the pleasure to clean them up properly when you need. And again, both trays have a facility to swing open allowing your princess to discover around herself.

2 Position Adjustable Height

You can adjust the height of the walker with ease as per the child’s necessity. Also, the 2-position adjustment of height will enable your baby to get much better comfort.


  • Have sturdy wheels to allow movements on the carpet.
  • Requires no battery to operate.
  • Very stable as well as durable.
  • Helps your baby to learn walking fast.
  • Comes with an attractive design for babies.


  • May need to remove the rubber stoppers.
  • May face some difficulty to put the tray in place.

#8 Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker

Why We Love It?

Best infant walker

If you are looking forward to getting one best walker for baby which is rich with features as well as simple to operate, you should think of this one in the first place. This one does have various lovable features for children and again, easy for you to maintain.

Highlighted Features:

Sturdy Wheels Work Fine on Any Ground

The walker has not only a sturdy frame but also smooth wheels that work very nice on both floors and carpets. Sturdy wheels enable the baby to make frequent movements with safety.

2 Swing Open Activity Trays

This one comes with a feature of 2 swing that delivers the baby a unique experience of having fun at different positions. Playing at various positions will encourage the child to develop motor efficiency.

Adjustable Height at 3 Position

This baby walker has an adjustment facility at three different positions that will allow you to do adjust the height according to your necessity. And again, it will help your baby to move around with much comfort and ease as well.


  • Contains a large and oversized tray for playing or having a snack.
  • Has a padded and comforting seat that is machine-washable.
  • Grip strips reduce the possibility to move on uneven surfaces.
  • Very easy to switch the adjusting three position heights.
  • Simple and easy to clean up and put in place.


  • May seem a little hard to assemble.
  • No wheel lock system is available.

#9 Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center

Why We Love It?

This attractive and colorful designed baby walker is not only a beauty from outside but also from inside. With advanced technology along with some excellent features gets this one to take place among the best rated baby activity walkers.

Best rated baby activity walker

Highlighted Features:

Contains an MP3 Hook up

The unique feature of this walker is the hookup for MP3 player with which you can take the very first step to personalize a soundtrack of its own.

Removable and Washable Seat with Folding Facility

The washable, padded seat comes with a removal facility which enables you to clean up the seat pad properly. And again, you can fold up the entire walker to save space and for better storage as well.

Converts from Walker to Center of Stationary Activity

When your baby needs to do a stationary activity, you need not worry at all. It comes with a 2-in-1 facility that allows your baby not only to walk but also to do all sort of stationary activities according to its necessity.


  • Delivers three height adjustment settings for customized ride.
  • Allows the brake pad to stop the walker when it is close to stairs.
  • Works great for rolling on carpeted floors.
  • Contains a removable fun musical play tray.
  • Very easy to assemble the parts


  • Rough usage may take out the music tray after a while.
  • Not suitable for a child weighing more than 26.5 pounds.

#10 Dream On Me Shuffle Musical Walker

Why We Love It?

When it is about to find a walker that just not entertains you, but easy for you to maintain and storage as well, then it is one of the best options for you. Being simple to maintain, this one is obviously one of the best walkers for infants.

Baby walkers reviews

Highlighted Features:

Snapping Fold for Storage

When the walker is not in usage, you can fold the entire walker in a snap and put it in storage. This folded walker saves a lot of space and makes it easy for you to put in somewhere safe without any possibility of damage.

Washable Pad with Removing Facility

The padded seat that supports your baby is not only washable but also removable. This certainly makes it easier for you to wash and maintain. The fresh and padded seat will add much comfort to your child.

3 Position Height Adjustment

This excellent baby walker comes with an adjustment facility at three different positions. You can adjust the height according to the necessity of your child. Thus, you can make your little one to get much comfort with adjusted height.


  • Works well for rolling on the carpeted floor.
  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble when necessary.
  • Comes with a plenty of fun activities for baby.
  • Enables easy movements for a child to maneuver.
  • Can accommodate toddlers up to 30 pounds with ease.


  • Toy tray button may not work right sometimes.
  • The melodies and songs may play randomly weird.

#11 Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Walker

Why We Love It?

A walker that converts to a walk behind walker from a seated one will add too much fun for a baby. And if you are looking one such thing, this best toddler walker will match almost all your requirements.

Best baby walker for carpet floor

Highlighted Features:

Seat Pad with Adjustable Height

The seat pad of this walker comes with a facility of adjustable height to make it easy for the baby to move around. The adjusting height will enable the walker to grow with your child for sure.

Folding Facility for Better Storage

You can fold flat the entire walker when it is not in use and then store it without the slightest difficulty. Furthermore, it will save your house space and also make it easy to keep away from any topical damage.

Funny and Entertaining Agents

This walker comes with a variety of entertaining things like flowered upright mirror toy along with texturing stems as well as crinkling pedals. Apart from these, bead bar and the spinning ball will give much fun to your little one.


  • Converts to seat-behind activity from seated activity.
  • Has a machine washable seat pad for better clean up.
  • Contains non-skid friction pads to ensure maximum safety.
  • Requires no battery to operate.
  • Comes with wheels with swiveling and locking facility.


  • Wheels may not turn that easy at first.
  • Not suitable for a child who can't support self-weight.

#12 Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker

Why We Love It?

Get one of the best baby walkers for carpet for your beloved little one which comes with dinosaur toys. This walker delivers a child enough entertainment along with its unique and amazing features.

Good baby walker for carpet

Highlighted Features:

5 Dinosaur Toys with Amusing Sounds

There are five dinosaur toys on the walker having different theme songs to play with. Apart from these toys, all dinosaur toys do have entertaining melodies and also colorful lights. All these toys will help to enhance gross motor skills of your baby for sure.

Grip Strips for Better Safety

These strips come with a development of available safety feature for your baby. Grip strips allow the walker to make a break while your baby tries to get close to uneven surfaces like stairs.

Easy Adjustment of 3 Different Heights

There is a facility of adjustable heights that allows your child to move with ease. Adjusting the seat at three different heights will enable the walker to grow along with the baby height.


  • Makes well movement on carpeted floors.
  • Contains with two swing activity trays.
  • Provides a machine-washable padded seat.
  • Requires no battery.
  • The front wheel does swivel all around.


  • Doesn't fold completely flat.
  • The back wheels are stationary.

#13 Disney Baby Lightning McQueen Walker

Why We Love It?

Being a simple walker, this one is rather fulfilling almost all the basic safety as well as fun requirements of a good baby walker for carpet. With simple but attractive design, typical but useful features you can make a choice for it.

Best safe baby walkers

Highlighted Features:

Sturdy Wheels for Moving on Floors and Carpets

The walker wheels are sturdy enough to make it safe and easy for your child for moving around. The sturdy wheels enable the walker and the baby to run over floors and carpets smoothly.

Playful Toys with Sounds

With colorful lights and melodious sounds, this walker features 4 McQueen toys teether and also, spinning wheels along with rattling McQueen. All these work together to cheer up your baby.

Folding Facility for Better Storage

You can put up the entire walker in a much better place, thanks to its compact and fast folding. This facility will help you to keep the walker in a safer place and helps you while you and your baby are traveling.


  • Comes with oversized, large snack and play tray.
  • Provides grip stripes to reduce movements on uneven surfaces.
  • Needs no battery to run.
  • Helps to build leg muscle fast.
  • Very easy to assemble.


  • The toy tray may seem a little hard to install.
  • No adjustment of height is available.

#14 Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker

Why We Love It?

This very best infant walker is going to suit those who want something different from typical walkers. You can make a choice for it with its astonishing features for your beloved one.

Best walker for infant

Highlighted Features:

Elliptical Sturdy Frame with Safety

This product comes with an elliptical frame that is not only sturdy but also safe. The sturdy frame allows you to save much space and again, provides maximum safety to your beginner child.

Removable Toy Station

A removable toy station is there to entertain your baby with various things like three different languages, fun sounds along with colorful lights. It is removable as well when it’s time for the baby to play on the floor or on to go.

Better Comfort with Extra Cushioning

The walker contains a high back seat that has extra cushioning to support the child. And again, it allows your baby to have a comfortable seating as well as higher support on the back.


  • Activation of lights while steering wheels to cheer up.
  • Provides a durable and sturdy platform to walk.
  • Comes with swiveling wheels in all directions.
  • Has an attractive as well as streamline design.
  • The back seat wipes clean to keep stain free.


  • Not too good with rolling on carpeted floors.
  • May not be the best option for a walker to stow.

#15 Delta Children Lil Playstation 3-in-1 Activity Center

Why We Love It?

Get your baby a walker that delivers a lot of fun activities along with playful features. This is one of the best baby walkers in the market with its colorful design as well as various cheerful and enjoyable features.

Best infant walkers

Highlighted Features:

Padded and Cozy Seat

The padded, cozy back seat that supports the baby can rotate 360 degrees all around itself. It enables the baby to explore the surrounding condition without any difficulty. And again, it will develop the mental understanding of the child.

Provides a Converting 3-in-1 Activity Design

You can convert this to the walker from a rocker whenever you want. Apart from that, your child can use this as a center of stationary activity as well. All these will get your child to interact with the environment easily.

Easy Adjustment of 3 Different Heights

There is a facility of adjustable heights that allows your child to make frequent movements. Adjusting the seat at three different heights will get the walker growing along with the baby height.


  • Provides a complete rotating facility with safety lock.
  • Helps the baby to stand with strong muscle and legs.
  • Contains toy tray with the convenient quick release.
  • Spinning toy activates lights and sound as well.
  • Easy to put all the parts together.


  • Not suitable for babies weighing more than 25 pounds.
  • May not work well for small size children.

Types of baby walkers

There are several types of baby walkers available in the market. Among them, parents used to pick- carpet friendly walker and push walker. Let's discuss in short about each type.

Many health professionals recommend buying a baby walker for carpet floor. It reduces the risk of falling and causing injuries. Carpet friendly walker makes a baby walker that can move on carpets too.

Not only on the hard floor but also in the carpet. As the carpet provides extra resistance, so it helps to keep the baby safe.

On the other hand push walker can be the best walker for a baby learning to walk. Push walker means it has with both facilities – either you push yourself, or your baby can also move freely.

But if these push walkers don't come with advanced brake pads, it can cause serious accidents to your kids.

How to choose the best walker for baby?

When you are about to buy a baby walker be also aware of the risks of the baby walker. Though it gives enjoyable experiences to your baby, it possesses several risks consisting health issues.

Here is another article on how to choose the best baby walker. You may like.

So to get the best baby walker in the market, you need to keep the following measures in mind.

  • Firstly,

the baby walker should have more guard features. You should be very much concern about safety guards of your baby. The most common problem that a baby face in a baby walker is they slide down the stair.

Guard features include safety straps, buckles, and perfect sitting position.

  • Secondly,

the design and color of a baby walker. It is essential. Because of you're buying for your baby. If your baby doesn't like the color of the baby walker, he or she has less chance to be on that walker.

It will become total wastage. So the best advice is, to take your baby with while buying. The urge they will show for one of the best baby walkers, you can then head toward to choose.

  • Thirdly,

the seat padding has an important role. Before buying also consider this issue. The sitting pad should be adjustable.

It will be helpful for both taller babies and smaller babies. Without this adjustable seat, they cannot move freely. This can be a matter of discomfort.

  • Fourthly,

you should be concern about the fabric of the seat. It must consist of easy and quick cleaning facility. Fabric made baby walker helps to minimize the headaches that baby can face inside a walker.

If the seat has removable features, it would be an additional facility.

  • Lastly,

the baby walker that you are going to buy must be equipped with entertaining stuff. It can also be equipped with educational materials.

But try to buy according to your baby's choice. As he or she will be passing the time inside the baby walker.

​And the price is also a concern factor. To know more about how much does a baby walker cost you can read this.

Moreover, the thing that is a must watch if you want to provide your baby the best safe baby walker from the market is brake pads. These brake pads have the ability to stop the wheels immediately.

It will help your baby to rescue from any accidents. You can stop the wheel as well as baby walker easily when necessary. So buying the best toddler walker with best break-pads is a must.

Baby walker advantages (proved!!)

Though there are some cons, the benefits of top rated baby walkers can be easily seen. The best benefit from a baby walker you can get is- this helps to keep your baby busy with their funny stuff inside a walker.

Besides, it's also entertaining. So the baby doesn't get bored while staying for a longer time. But you shouldn't keep your baby longer in a baby walker.

Now let's discuss other benefits of having a baby walker-

  • Baby walkers can be a great companion for your toddlers because of its engaging toys inside.
  • Subconsciously they will learn to walk. No need extra guidance or care. As it is designed in such a way helping your baby to learn to walk.
  • While sitting inside a baby walker, they become happy because the comfort they feel if you buy the walker for them. Almost every baby walker has comfort seat padding.

These are the benefits of having a baby walker. The above best picks are all equipped with elastic strap, buckles and other safety features. So don't need to worry about it.

Just choose the best walker for baby from the list within your price range and stay relaxed.

How to use baby walker safely? (most important part)

Being a parent, you can't leave your baby alone in a baby walker. But if you know how to use a baby walker safely, then it will be very much useful.

So what steps you can take to make baby walker safe for your baby? Let's know.

  • Firstly,

put seat belts while your baby is in the baby walker. It will keep them tight and resist falling inside the baby walker.

  • Secondly,

don't leave your baby alone inside the walker. They may cause head injuries, neck injuries, backbone injuries by falling downstairs. There is also a risk to fall into swimming pools and fireplaces.

  • Lastly,

don't keep your baby more than twenty minutes’ s a day in a baby walker. Normal toddlers learn to walk within 11-15 months. Whereas in a baby walker toddler learns with walk more than 18 months. But keeping them less than twenty minutes a day will be safe and beneficial.

Baby Activity Centers -(alternatives to walkers)

If you're still worried about the safety of a baby walker, you can choose a "baby activity center" instead of a baby walker. It is similar to the walkers. And most experts suggests to have at least one activity center for your baby's development. See the video and listen carefully what Nurse Dani said in this regards -

Some recommended "Baby Activity Centers"


Best Overall

2nd Choice

3rd Choice

4rth Choice

5th Choice


baby activity centers
activity ceners for baby
baby stationary activity center
best rated activity center
stationary activity center


Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Skip Hop Explore and More Baby's View 3-Stage Activity Center

Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center

Evenflo Exersaucer World Explorer Triple Fun Saucer

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition


16 pounds

15 pounds

20.1 pounds

20 pounds

20.6 pounds


37 x 32 x 32 inches

31 x 31 x 18.5 inches

27.9 x 13.7 x 21.7 inches

30 x 30 x 31.5 inches

30.5 x 33 x 29 inches


Final Verdict

Choosing one of the best baby walkers for your baby is always tough. Though there is a risk of causing accidents only some tips will prevent these problems.

Firstly, don't let your baby alone inside a walker. Secondly, don't overuse a baby walker to learn them to walk. Finally, try to choose the baby walker according to their taste.

If possible, try to keep your baby beside you while buying a walker. There are many colors with low and high price range described in our top picks.You can also go for the baby walker alternatives "baby activity center" for more safety and security.

So if you want to give them a great childhood, put them in a baby walker or activity center and help them to develop and discover the art of walking and.

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