Top 15 Best Baby Push Walkers ​Reviews & Buying Guide ​(201​​9)

Push walkers are good options for parents who want their child to walk early. There are many kinds of push walkers in the market.

They are mainly of two types: plastic and wooden.

Both have some advantages and disadvantages. So push walker reviews can come very handy in choosing the right one for your child.

And that is what in this article we are going to provide you the best baby push walkers buying instructions.

We have reviewed the two types of walkers in two steps.  First the plastic one, and then the wooden one. We have also given a comparison table for you.

After the wooden push walker reviews, we have also answered some common questions from parents like when can a baby use a push walker or what’s the difference between push walker and baby walker?

Read the rest of the article so that you can choose the right push walker for your child.

Basics About A Push Walker

Before we provide you with the best push walker reviews and wooden push walker reviews, let’s talk about some basics.

A baby, when grows up, needs a strong support to the development of it’s body and limbs. A push walker exactly does it to the kiddos.

They have a stable base to give balance and also some have activity features.

Just if you look for those, who have a set of accessible features like speed control and no major side-effects to the kid’s health, it can be a great kit to let your baby grow up!

Now about ​ wooden push walker. This kind of walker is made from wood. So they present a classic look. They are much heavier and also last longer.

​Note: If you think your little one need a baby walker you can go here to know about some top baby walkers in the market and some other points that you have to know before buying them.

#1 Fisher-Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker

This zebra themed walker is ​one of the best push walkers for babies as it can teach him letters and numbers through sing along songs and help him walk.

It is designed to have stability. It offers 2 modes of play and lot of finger activities. It will surely develop his motor skills.

Highlighted Features:

Two Modes of Play

Your baby can sit and play or stand and walk with it.It’s fun activities make sure your baby develop motor skills

Great Stability

It is very stable as it has 4 sturdy wheels base. So it ensures that your baby will walk securely.

Teaching Features

This walker will teach your baby ABC’s and 123’s with sing along songs.

  • This walker offers two types of play.
  • It has sturdy wheels and the handle is easy to grasp.
  • It offers a lot of finger activities.
  • It doesn’t have any brake.
  • Hard to roll on hardwood floors.

#2 Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

This walker is a classic walker packed with all the classic fun activities to keep busy your baby. One of the best baby push walkers in the market.

Your child will have fun playing with it on the floor and also it will help him to stand and steady his first steps.

Highlighted Features:

Entertaining Activities

This walker comes with flipping doors and sliding beads and many more entertaining activities.

Easy Folding

As it folds flat your child will be able to enjoy fun activities right on the floor.

Easy Storage

You can fold it easily so you will be able to store it and carry it on tour.

  • This walker folds. So it provides great portability and storage.
  • Help your baby to steady his first steps.
  • It has a ball in the center that spins.
  • Not good on hard wood floors.
  • Very lightweight.

#3 Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker

This is one of the best ​push ​toys as it has a locking mechanism. You can lock the legs and make it stationary. It also has a lot of fun activities and features.

With its 4 modes of play, your baby will surely have fun and develop motor skills.

Highlighted Features:

Four Modes of Play

This walker has four modes of play like your baby can sit and play with removable cook top, or he can stand and play on the activity table. He can also push and walk with it.

Locking System

Your baby can stand and play with it. You can lock the cart legs and then it will become stationary

Removable Top

You can remove the top and make it shopping cart.

  • It has light up button and plays cooking sound.
  • When your baby walks the popcorn really pops.
  • It has three shapes so your child can have shape sorting fun.
  • Might be too short for some babies.
  • Don’t roll well in the carpet.

#4 Little Tikes Light 'n Go-3-in-1 Activity Walker

This is a jungle themed 3-in-1 activity walker. Your child can sit and play with the activity table or push and walk with it. It offers a lot of play and fun to your child.

With its 70+ songs and light, it helps develop your baby’s auditory and visual senses. It provides easy storage as it folds easily.

Highlighted Features:

3-in-1 Activity Features

It is a 3-in-1 activity walker which comes in a jungle theme. This look will definitely attracts the children.

Folding Capability

You can fold down the walker and turn it into an activity table. Your child can sit and play with it.

Many Fun Features

Activity panel has many toys that make animal sounds and noises. It will greatly entertain your kids.

Great Storage Facility

Folds flats and is ideal for convenient storage.

  • It comes with 70+ sounds and songs.
  • Projects colordul lights on the ground.
  • You can easily store it as it folds flat.
  • Difficult to assemble.
  • Once assembled, you cannot take it apart.

#5 Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

This classic wooden push walker helps your child to stand and steady his first steps. . It’s resist push feature allows him to build confidence.

It also protects your house with its bumper which is furniture friendly. It comes with removable sides to provide a lot of fun to your child’s play.

Highlighted Features:

Resist Push Feature

It has resist push feature. It will build his balance and confidence.

Classic Look

It offers a classic look as it has a natural solid wood body. It’s a nice choice if you want to present your child a classic toy.

Furniture Freindly Bumper

It has a furniture friendly bumper. It will protect your home.

  • This is a classic, safe and versatile walker.
  • With its resist push feature, it will build his balance.
  • Side panels are not very strong.
  • A bit of expensive toy.

#6 Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker

This is a lion character themed push walker in which your baby can sit and play or he can stand and walk. One of the best baby push walkers. So it offers two modes of play.

 It also comes with many hands on activities and stimulating features like light dance and music. Its lion theme and many features will encourage your baby to walk.

Highlighted Features:

Hands on Activities

It comes with many hands on activities that will help to develop to your kid’s motor skills. Your baby can spin, flip or press it.

Stimulating Features

It comes with lights, music, and hands-on fun. It will develop his sense of sight and sound.

Encouraging Features

It offers light dance and music play when the baby pushes it.

Two Modes of Play

This walker lets your child sit to play and also it helps them walking and pushing.

  • It’s light dance and music encourage your child to walk.
  • It will develop your child’s motor skill with its spin, flip, and press features.
  • This walker stimulate your child’s visual and auditory.
  • Batteries are not included.
  • Hard to move on carpet.

#7 Labebe Little Toddler Kids Learning Walker

This 2-in-1 (push walker and toy chest) walker is a good choice for any kid to practice standing on their own.

​Its board base provides superior balance and safety and toy chest offers enough space to store his favorite toys.

Highlighted Features:

Toy Chest

It comes with a big toy chest that your child can fill with their favorite toys. Your child can sit and play or stand and walk with this walker.

Board Base

It has a board base that helps your baby to keep balance and block their way from entering unsafe places.

Easy Assemblage

It is very easy to assemble and you can build it with a simple screwdriver.

  • This is a 2-in-1 walker, serves as both walker and toy storage.
  • It has a board base so it ensures the safety of your child.
  • Its wheels are easy to maneuver even on carpets.
  • The handle is very low.
  • The tray is very small.

#8 Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy

This one is a good choice as it has rubber trimmed setback wheels to protect your floors. It has child safe materials.

This is one of the best ​push walkers for babies with all the fun activities for your baby. It will develop his coordination with its five different activities.

Highlighted Features:

Five Different Activities

It offers five different activities by its movable knobs, gears and balls.

Setback Wheels

It comes with rubber trimmed setback wheels. So the floor of your house is safe from it.

Child Safe Materials

It has non-toxic finishes and also child safe materials. So you can give it to your child without worrying.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • It has a lot of features like movable knobs, gears, and colorful balls.
  • It’s carefully designed wheels will protect the floors.
  • It is an expensive toy.
  • Turning is not easy.

#9 Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy

This is a well made engaging and interesting toy for your baby. It comes with many animals like fish, alligators, and butterfly and makes noises when your baby push it, It will keep him busy and develop his motor skills.

Highlighted Features:

Animal Themed Push Walker

It comes with three alligators, fish, butterfly, and ladybug bead. Your baby will learn to walk with animals.

Engaging Activities

It offers your baby engaging activities on the move. As the handles has colorful cattails and butterflies.

Movement Encouraging Action

It makes noises when your baby pushes it. The alligator’s noise and animation will encourage him to move.

  • It is designed to encourage your child to move and discover.
  • This walker will develop your child’s eye-hand coordination.
  • Doesn’t roll well on the carpets.
  • A very heavy toy for children.

#10 Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride and Ride Elephant

This amazing elephant themed walker has a ‘grow with me’ feature. You baby can bounce, walk, ride, sit and scoot with this walker.

 It comes with many features to develop the motor skills and auditory/visual senses of your child.

Highlighted Features:

'Grow with me' Feature

Your baby can scoot and ride or sit and bounce or stand and walk with this walker.

Attracting Features

Its fun sounds, songs, phrases, and lights help to develop the visual and auditory senses of your child.

Motor Skills Development

With its buttons and all hands-on activities, the baby will develop his motor skills.

  • It offers three different ways of play for your child.
  • It comes with 30 sung songs, sounds, and tunes. It also plays phrases.
  • This walker has multi-colored lights-up buttons.
  • It doesn’t have any straps to hold the baby.
  • The product is not long lasting.

#11 Playskool Step Start Walk 'n Ride

This is a very stable 2-in-1 walker. Your baby will learn to walk with it and also can use it as a ride-on toy.

 Your child can change the mode by himself and only you can activate the locking mechanism.

Highlighted Features:

Two Toys in One

This walker is actually 2 toys in one. It will help your baby to walk and it will also become his ride-on toy.

Locking Mechanism

It comes with locking mechanism and only you will be able to activate it.

Fun Activities

Your child will also be able to have fun with hands on activities. This sturdy stable walker will help your baby to stand and learn to walk.

  • It has clicking dial. It also has a locking mechanism.
  • You can also convert it so that your toddler can ride on it.
  • Its hood can be opened and closed.
  • Don’t move well on hardwood.
  • Not great at turning.

#12 Hape Galloping Zebras Toddler Wooden Push and Pull Toy

This is ​one of the best push toys to teach your child walking and to develop his motor skills. It has rubber trimmed wheels and non-toxic finish.

This feature rich walker provides proper support and also save your floor.

Highlighted Features:

Sturdy Base

This is a balanced walker with a sturdy base. It will develop your child’s balance and physical strength.

Rubber rimmed Wheels

It has rubber rimmed wheels which protect floors. You don’t have to worry about your floors.

Non-toxic Finishes

It has non-toxic finishes and child safe materials. It is completely safe for your child.

  • This walker will keep your child active and entertained.
  • It offers a sturdy base for pulling up.
  • It teaches your child motor skills with the zebra’s movement.
  • Not for the beginner walkers.
  • Assemblage is not easy.

#13 Janod Crazy Doggy Cart

This doggy cart themed solid wood walker is a nice choice for your child. Your baby can push the cart around the house and fill it with toys.

The bell of the dog will ring as he pushed it. It will surely develop his motor skills.

Highlighted Features:

Doggy Cart

This walker is designed as a doggy cart. It is brightly colored and there is a bell around the neck of the doggy.

Toy Storage

This is a solid wood cart and your child store their favorite toys in it

Wheel Axel

It comes with wheel axel and has lightweight felt ears. It will provide balance for your child when they take their first steps.

  • With this walker, your child will learn to walk with the dog.
  • It is a wood cart and he can fill it with toys.
  • When he pushes it the bell of the dog rings.
  • Hard to assemble.
  • You cannot slow it down for early walkers.

#14 HABA Walker Wagon - First Wooden Push Toy

It is one of the best baby push toys in the market as it has speed adjustment feature and seating option, it will work on the right speed and double as stroller.

This is a very attractive and well-designed walker which will help your child to walk.

Highlighted Features:

Adjustable Speed

You can adjust the wheel’s speed according to your child’s walking skills.

Seating Capacity

It has a seat which allows siblings to ride along. This walker also doubles as a doll pram or stroller.

Storing Space

In the back of the toy there are lot of space where you can store your child’s favorite toys.

  • As it has silicone wheel tread so you can use it indoor as well as outdoor.
  • Siblings can also ride with their brother or sister in the front seat.
  • In the back, there is plenty space for toys.
  • Expensive compared to other toys.
  • Childs can easily tip it over.

#1​5 ​Chicco Baby Activity Walker

With this push walker, you baby will surely be encouraged to walk as it stops playing music when he stops. So your baby will take a few more steps.

It will also serve as an activity center and thus will offer 2 toys in one. One of the best push walker your baby will like.

Highlighted Features:

Encouraging Features

This push walker plays music as long as your baby walks. So your baby will surely be encouraged to walk.

Activity Center

It has an activity center that stimulates your baby’s imagination and coordination.

Stimulating Activities

When he puts the correct shapes in the correct hole, lights and sounds start.

  • Music plays as long as he walks.
  • It has lights and sounds to stimulate his visual and auditory senses.
  • It offers two toys in one as it is both a push walker and an activity center.
  • Batteries are not included.
  • Children who are under 6 months should not use it.

​When Can A Baby Use Push Walkers?

Push walker is designed for the children who have already developed some skills like they can push themselves up from the floor and pull themselves in a standing position.

​But for walking, they still need some assistance like someone holding their hands or some table that they can grab.

​This is the right time to use push walker. As it will give them support and built their confidence. As he will be able to see his legs and feet so it will not cause the problems of the baby walkers.

 It will also help your child to stand by giving him support. At about 15 months your child should be able to push something with wheel. So it is the right time to use push walkers.

But today’s push walkers are not just for pushing. They have a lot of features that the children who cannot stand properly can use.

It will develop their motor skills and teach them to stand. They are fine for babies even 6 months old. But there are some points about which you should be careful.

​Like its height, speed. Push walker shouldn’t be very fast that your child tip it or it flips over them.

There is an article on which age you can use baby walkers. It may be helpful for you. Click here for the article.

Difference Between Push Walker and Baby Walker

In push walker, your baby pushes the toy and it gives them support and in baby walker, they are surrounded by the toy and are in an unnatural standing position. While push walker are great for babies to learn walking, Baby walker sometimes harms them.

Tummy time is very important for babies to develop their motor skills. Their muscle will develop and their neck and upper back will strengthen as they play and roll on the floor.

Baby walker prevents them from this and keeps them in an unnatural position. But push walker helps them as they will be able to play with it on the floor and also it will help them to stand and give them support to walk.

Push walker also let them see their legs when they steps which is very important for physiological development.

You may also like our "baby walker vs push walker" article here for more information.

​Benefits of Push Walkers Before Walking

It should be clear to you now that push walker is a great toy to help your child to practice standing and walking. But its benefits are not limited just to babies who are old enough to walk.

There are plenty of benefits of push walker even before walking. Some of the benefits are described below.

  • Your child can play with it on his tummy or while sitting on the floor.
  • It will strengthen his shoulder complex, hands, and arms.
  • It will develop his eye-hand coordination.

​So even if your baby is just sitting, rolling and playing on the floor he will be benefited by push walker before walking.

How To Choose The Best ​Push Walker For Bab​ies

There are several things to look for when you want to buy the best baby push walker. Here are a few important things which you can't ignore before making a decision.


Most baby push walkers are made to be appropriate for children that are 9 months and older as this is the typical age when infants are beginning to move on from crawling.

However, some walkers come with features that are also appropriate for younger infants, and there are others that are more appropriate for older infant walkers as well.


Different companies produce different types of walkers. Some companies make products out of plastic, while others make push walkers that are made out of wood.

Some parents prefer the more classic design of wood at times, while other parents prefer the way plastic toys are easier to clean and maintain.

Both types are durable in their own ways; it just comes down to preference. Just make sure that the product itself is not made of cheaper quality materials, as this can become hazardous to the baby.


Some push toys are made with simplicity in mind. Others come with a plethora of activities for babies to enjoy. Some activities may include buttons to push, windows to open, materials to flip, and so forth.

Still some other walkers might not come with any activities at all. These are mainly for walking purposes only, which also happens to be a fun activity to do on its own.


Part of the activity in most infant push walkers is the stimulation of the senses. The visual, auditory, and tactile senses can be stimulated by a number of ways.

Walkers may have flashing lights of different colors, sounds of animals or nursery songs, or textured parts that need to be moved to achieve a response.

Parents only need to know that some toys may cause an overstimulation when too many things are going on at the same time.


For some parents, it’s important to buy toys that can last children for a long time. It’s cost-effective for families, especially ones that have multiple children that can have toys passed down from child to child.

Having toys that are adaptable to age can be helpful. For baby push toys, look for ones that have detachable or transformable parts that will change the walker according to need.

Other considerations

  • Some parents may prefer to buy push walker toys that can fold up or those that are easier to stow away.
  • Look for push toys that are made with non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of the baby.
  • Most push toys operate with batteries that run out, while others are purely mechanical and need no power to function.
  • For some, price may be the ultimate determinant on which baby push walker to buy.

Final Verdict

At this point, you should have a clear idea about push walkers. If your baby has a right push walker then his motor skills will develop much faster than before.

He will be able to walk easily and independently. In this article, we have tried to inform you about some of the best baby push walkers in the market.

We have also provided wooden push walker reviews separately so that you can find those easily if you prefer toys that have classic look. This product buying guideline has been made very carefully and considering the affordability so that it can fulfill your necessity.

Just pick one from the list according to your requirement and it will surely help your child. We hope that our push walker reviews will help you to choose the right walker for your child according to your budget.

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