How Much Does A Baby Walker Cost In 2019?

Want to help your little one to take his first step with a fun aid? Then, a baby walker should be your first choice.

A baby walker provides fun to your child while he starts learning walking. At the same time, it develops the motor skills of your kid.

Besides, it can give you a few free times to get the other works done.

How much does a baby walker cost

There are different types of ​infant walkers available in the market. All of them helps you to stimulate your kids learning.

Since you have not purchased a baby walker before, you may want to know how much does a baby walker cost​?

I’ve seen many parents worrying about the expense of a walker.

So, I’ve written this primer to share my ideas of baby walkers with you. So, go through the article and choose the perfect play station for your baby.

Cleaning baby walker is also a common problem for moms. Visit here to know how to clean baby walker.

How much does a baby walker cost?

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Nowadays, most of the parents are employed in many kinds of jobs. 

So, it is difficult for them to spend quality time with their little kids. A baby walker helps them a lot in such cases.

It helps the child to learn walking and also entertain them.

There are different types of baby walkers in various price ranges.

There are Walkers with buzzing play centers, minimal stimulation walker and much more. ​

Here we discuss about the top 5 brands which are very popular among the parents for baby walker.

Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker

You can buy a Vtech baby walker to nurture your child’s first steps. 

This action-packed colorful baby walker is very supportive. It includes a lot of varied attachments that keeps your baby entertained.

Storing in small spaces for its compact design is easy. The price range for this walker is between $29.88 to $34.99.

Chicco Dance Baby Walker

The Chicco Dance Baby Walker features an MP3 hookup. So, you can select the tunes according to your choice.

The assembling of this walker is very easy.

Besides, it has bumper guards for protecting your over-enthusiastic little driver. This walker will cost you around $69.99 to $273.

Safety 1st Baby Walker

It is a developmental walker. The Walker modules with a flashlight and nice songs. 

The padded seat can be easily cleaned by machine. Besides, it features easy to wipe, crevice-free activity tray.

It’s three kinds of heights allow you to give the correct support to your kid with his growth.

It is simple to adjust. To buy the walker, you will need around $29.88 to $49.99.

Disney Baby Walker

The Disney baby walker provides your baby endless fun with toys and funny sounds. 

Also, the tray is easily cleanable. It features machine washable pad. Its wide base design is super stable.

Besides, you can adjust its height with your baby’s growth.

The Walker has three height positions. Also, the price is very moderate.

The cost of a Disney baby walker is between $38.06 to $66.99.

Joovy Spoon Walker

The Walker gives the perfect balance of eating, playing and walking. Also, the walker meets highchair. It is good looking.

Also, the spoon will perfectly go with your home and kitchen décor. You will need almost $80 to $150 to buy a joovy spoon walker.

​Final Verdict

Is there any parent who doesn’t want to see their baby walking smilingly? Nope, there isn’t any.

To add an extra fun on your child’s first step, a baby walker indeed contributes a lot. It makes the walking enjoyable like a circus ride.

So, learn about the various kinds of walkers. Choose a suitable one within your budget. And give an amusing fun walking to your baby.

Want to know how to choose the baby walker? Then this article is for you.

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