Is A Baby Walker Good Or Bad For Your Baby?

My sister conceived her first child five years ago. As soon as it learned to sit, she put it on a baby walker.

She thought it would help her baby to learn walking fast.

Also as she was a working mother, it would keep the baby busy providing her time to work.

But then one day the baby along with the Walker rolled down from the stairs.

is a baby walker good or bad for your baby

That’s when my cousin was bound to think twice about the safety with a baby walker.

That’s why when I became a mother, she discouraged me for baby walkers. Now the question is, is a baby walker good or bad for your baby?

​In this article, we wrap up all information. To know about baby walker age you can visit this article.

What Do The Experts Say

Mothers today mostly put their babies on walkers as soon as they reach at month six or seven.

According to experts, baby walkers may seem easy and entertaining, but not safe.

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A Pediatrician from New York says that, if you just throw your child on the walker, it won’t want to be on its tummy easily.

It would be the best if your little one learns to do that itself or with your help instead of a walker.

Jennifer Hoekstra, an injury prevention specialist, refers baby walkers as a danger.

She said that, as soon as you put your tot on a walker, it suddenly realizes its mobility that is beyond its control.

​Research shows that babies move three feet per second on the walkers. This may lead them to dangerous places.

Experts are not only concerned about the safety. They opine that baby walker also compromises natural growth.

As they say, when your infant gets used to baby walkers, it misses out crawling.

When they crawls, falls then again stands up, it strengthens its muscles.

When they start walking without a walker, they often miss balance. Thus baby walkers delay motor development.

Is A Baby Walker Good or Bad For Your Baby

The experts advised us not to choose walkers observing the accidents previously occurred.

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In 1994, CPSC accused walkers of most of the baby injuries.

Even in 2004, Canada banned them. And on possessing them, they fined up to $100,000 or jailed for six months.

But don’t forget it’s 2017 now. Everything is getting updated every day.

New versions, additions, and features are replacing the old ones. So are in the case of baby walkers.

Besides, you can’t only blame baby walkers for all the accidents.

Injuries also occur for the inattentiveness of parents or caregivers. Also for not following the safety manuals carefully.

New safety features are available for the baby walkers. The walkers are now wider and safer.

Let’s Know The Special Feature Of Baby Walker

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Stair proof baby walkers have brake pads so that it doesn’t go over the stairs.

Again rubber feet safety features ensure that the baby doesn’t speed up near the staircase.


Brakes also allow your baby to walk on the uneven surface without toppling over.

There are walkers for carpet too. the specialty of this type is that they don’t usually have any wheel at the bottom.


The base frame prevents from topping over the walker. There are multipurpose baby walkers.

You can use them both as a regular walker and a walk-behind walker.


The wheels of the walkers are designed in such a way that it can walk on the various surface.

Even on carpeted and hardwood floor.


Many walkers have non-skid friction pad for preventing your baby from falling.

Stationary features don’t allow your baby to move altogether.


Walkers are available with height adjustment system. Therefore, you can adjust it according to our baby’s height.


The height of the seat back has been adjusted so that the baby won’t hurt itself while leaning back.

Hence, in recent years, baby walkers have been safer than the previous.

​Final Verdict

So now the question “is a baby walker good or bad for your baby”?

Well, there was a time when debates arose centering baby walkers’ safety. The innovations have cut the risks of injury a great extent.

Occupying your baby with a walker is a great idea to save some time for you.

Besides, toy tray and food tray ease your work. You can alternate them regarding your requirement.

Choose one that is perfect for you baby and matches your house environment.

Follow the manuals strictly. ​And age is a must factor. Read this article to know more.

It’s true that Baby walkers don’t make your baby walk earlier. Neither does it help your baby walking faster.

But it surely makes walking fun and entertaining. The sound from the toy tray develops your baby’s sense of music.

​Wouldn’t it be amazing seeing your little one roaming the whole house sitting in a walker?

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