5 Signs Baby Will Walk Soon (Must Know)

As parents, you eagerly wait to see your baby walking.

It is a very natural scenario that a father or mother is expressing utmost pleasure at his baby’s first step to walk.

After few months of birth a baby, the question that struck parents’ mind, again and again is that when their baby will start walking.

Obviously, you also like to imagine the sig​ns baby will walk soon.

signs baby will walk soon

According to some proven scientific research, the average age level for a baby to start walking is 10 to 15 months.

That means between 10 to 15 months, your baby will start walking independently.

At this age, you can give them toddler walker to encourage them for walking.

​Basically, it depends on their physical growth as the physical structure and growth are not same for all children.

​Whenever your baby starts walking, there are some signs that will let you know that when your baby is going to start walking.

By these signs, you can also understand that whether your baby is on right track or not.

Here I have brought up the 5 most effective signs in a nut shell for you.

5 Signs Baby Will Walk Soon!

1. Your Baby Will Roll Around

The first and most important sign of your baby’s walking tendency is it will start roll around.

It is usually seen that a baby of 7 to 8 months starts rolling around on the side and back.

baby roll around

It is a great sign of starting walking of your baby. And you have to more careful about infant safety.

If you see that your baby is rolling around, you surely can expect that it is going to start walking very soon.

Generally, a baby starts rolling out of its own 3 months before of starting walking.

2. Your Baby Will Bounce Up and Down

Your baby will start bouncing and jumping up and down on your thighs as well as body at its six Months as a sign of starting its first step of walking.

At this stage, a baby bounces up and down on its dad or mom’s thighs.

Thus, actually, it prepares its legs and feet to start walking within few months.

3. Your Baby Will Start to Crab Walk

Your baby will let you know about its upcoming ability walking by starting crabbing walk.

Your baby will start crab walk as a prior sign of its walking ability.

Usually, a baby’s crab walk starts after 6 months. 

​Here is an amazing video from “MamaNatural” will give you the exact idea –

At that time a baby walks on their arms, backs, and hands. This crab walk actually leads it walking by its own feet.

It is the most important sign you should consider.

4. Your Baby Will Climb The Stairs

If you see that your baby is climbing the stair by its hands, you may be sure that it is going to walk very soon.

Thus, a baby develops its feet mobility and tries to stand by its own.

It has a great impact on a baby to be ready to walk.

baby climbing stairs

Standing holding on the furniture is another important sign in baby’s first walking.

A baby tries to stand holding on furniture one month prior to its first step of walking. At its age of nine months, a baby generally stands crabbing on furniture.

​5. ​Baby Will ​Transfer Weight From One Foot to Other

Baby’s muscles are strengthened when a baby can transfer its weight from one foot another foot at the time of standing.

Then it becomes easy for a baby to make its first step. Many parents think at this time they should give baby shoes.

​There is an whole article on ​”do babies need shoes for walking”? You can read here.

​Final Verdict

​The above-mentioned signs are already proved and reviewed by experts in this field.

So you can undoubtedly consider them to identify whether your baby is in proper growth.

But these signs vary from baby to baby to start as the physical growth of all children is not same at all.  

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