What Age Can Baby Use Walker A Guide For New Moms

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It’s a joy when parents watch their baby boy or girl finally make an attempt to stand on their own two feet. This action signifies that your child is ready to learn how to walk. There are several natural ways a baby can do to support themselves.

Some will hold onto their parent's dress or trouser, and others will use the edge of a table while others will use the borders of your sofa. Sadly, some babies are late bloomers.

That does not mean that they will not walk, but by using modern technology in the form of baby walkers, you can finally get them up and learning. What age can baby use walker? Experts recommend a minimum of 8 months.

Now that you have decided to invest in a baby walker, it is important to select the right product that will help your kid learn how to walk. Here are factors you need to consider to ensure a great shopping experience.

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Things To Consider About Baby Age When Riding Walker

what age can baby use walker

Safety Features –

As a parent, the safety of your baby is of utmost importance. Yes, they will love zooming around the house as they follow your every step but still, your home poses a danger.

When your baby sits on the walker, their height is raised which means they have easy access to certain objects in your home.

They can pull down table clothes, and other loose objects close at hand. This is not what you want. To prevent the walker from falling from the stairs, they are fitted with safety brake pads on the front, sides, and back.

Comfort –

Just like safety, comfort is another important factor to consider. If you are planning to buy a baby walker, you need to look for one with a padded seat.

The padding should be available for the bottom and back area. It helps to support the baby’s young spine as well as keeping them comfortable.

The padding should not be too stiff as this can result in discomfort. If you are shopping at a physical store, use your hand to test the padding. It will allow you to know how soft and plush the padded seat is.

Entertainment console –

While baby walkers are designed to help your tot learn how to walk, they are perfect platforms to keep your infant distracted. To achieve this, you need a baby walker fitted with an entertainment console.

The entertainment console should have a broad array of toys. They should be in different shapes and colors. Furthermore, sounds, music, and lights should be incorporated too as they keep your baby entertained.

Type of walker –

Today, there are two types of walkers available in the market: one with a padded seat and the walk behind model. The full padded seat design allows your baby to sit while the legs dangle above the floor.

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Parents can raise or lower the walker’s height using available adjustments. The walk behind model allows your baby to hold onto a bar providing control and support as the baby pushes the walker.

Adaptability –

It is wise to shop for a baby walker that adapts with the age of your child. One feature that allows your child to grow with the walker is height adjustment.

Some models come with two levels while other have three levels which are the best. It allows you as the parent to increase or decrease the height depending on the length of your baby’s legs to the floor.

So now the question is what age can baby use walker?

The fully padded seat model is suitable for children aged between 7or 8 months to 18 months while the walk behind the model is suitable for kids aged eight months to 18 months.

Final Verdict

Baby walkers are great; they allow your little one to explore the world around as they learn to walk. They are fitted with wheels that enable the toddler to push or move the walker with their legs. It ensures the baby can follow you around providing close supervision.

Walkers are perfect for kids aged between 8 months and 18 months. Thanks to the height adjustment feature, the walker grows with the infant saving you money.

If you are planning to shop for the best baby walker, consider the following factors – safety, comfort, entertainment console, type of walker and adaptability.

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