​17 Best Baby Walkers Reviews [2019 updated]

Many parents are unsure whether it is a good idea to buy a baby walker for their child. And truth be told there has been quite a debate revolving around baby walkers.

There are those who believe that it is best to leave the child walk on his or her own. There are others stating that baby walkers can be unsafe.

Yet there are several who pertain that baby walkers help kids get on their feet and walk more quickly while offering support.

In view of these contrasting opinions, we would like to enlighten you on the pros and cons of baby walkers, along with practical information and tips on the subject.

You will also be able to go through some comprehensive baby walker reviews, while finding answers to common questions many parents have regarding baby walkers.

Here is “Top Rated Baby Walkers Reviews” 

Joovy Spoon Walker

The Joovy Spoon Walker received many good reviews by buyers because they loved its design, and the fact that it couples up the benefits of a walker with those of a highchair perfectly.

Your baby will be able to do everything from eating to playing comfortably, as well as learn how to walk with Joovy.

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The design is very modern and there are various colors to choose from. The tray is spacious, and so your baby will be able to play with toys or eat comfortably.

Thanks to the materials used, messes can be cleaned up easily, and it is also very sturdy. All materials are free from PVC, BPA and Phthalate.

Joovy is also very stable and easy to manoeuvre for the child, thus helping him/her to develop motor skills in a safe way.

In fact many commented on the fact that the wheels are quite large and it comes with non-slip pads.

The seat pad is both supportive and comfortable for your little one, as well as machine washable for your convenience.

In Favor

  • ​Three different height adjustments, and it is compliant with safety standards.
  • ​​Has the benefit of being folded flat.
  • ​Tray is removable.


  • ​Don’t work for tall babies.
  • ​Only Front wheels can swivel.

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker

The Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-a-bout walker is ideal for both boys and girls as it has a neutral theme.

With three different height position to adjust it properly according to your child’s age, this walker is sturdy, comfortable and a good choice. It can cater for children up to 26 pounds.

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​The toy station is very nicely designed, making it a great entertainment opportunity for your child.

It comes with lots of colourful toys, and it also makes sounds and lights up. So this walker is perfect not just for enabling your little one to move around but also to spend time playing.

​This walker is not too broad at the upper part, but the base is wide for safety reasons.

You will be able to use this walker for quite some time thanks to its longevity and possibility for adjustment.

​The price is also very reasonable considering that it is a nicely designed walker complete with a toy station.

In Favor

  • ​​The toy station can be easily removed if you prefer to.
  • ​The materials used are durable.


  • ​Don’t ​roll on carpet.

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker

This walker is one of the best on the market according to many satisfied customers.

It is a very practical activity walker that allows your little one to either sit in it, or if you prefer, take up a walk-behind position.

The conversion is as simple and effortless as can be, and this is something that parents really liked.

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Speaking of practicality, it is also worth mentioning that the Kolcraft walker is foldable, making it easy for parents to store it or take it with them for trips as it becomes completely flat.

The Kolcraft Tiny Steps walker comes with an adjustable seat, so that you can set it according to the height of your baby.

It comprises a number of safety features, such as friction pads which make it more skid-resistant, and the seat has a high back with foam for more comfort.

It is easy for your child to manoeuvre thanks to its design and the front swivel wheels which move independently. This walker is also JPMA certified.

The toys and activities that come with this walker are ideal for engagement as well as motor skills development. There is a spinning ball, a bead bar, and a mirror in the shape of a flower with interesting textures.

​Th​is walker is suitable for children who weigh between 15 and 26 lbs, and who are not taller than 32 inches.

In Favor

  • ​Seat pad is machine washable.
  • ​Easily foldable.
  • Best for hardwood floors.


  • ​Not for tall babies.

Disney Winnie The Pooh Walker

The Disney Winnie the Pooh walker is suitable for children weighing up to a maximum of 30 pounds.

Made from sturdy yet safe materials, this walker can withstand the wear and tear it will be exposed to as your child walks around with it.

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The wide base is comprises grip strips to help your child manoeuvre the walker more easily should the floor surface be a bit uneven.

This walker folds down flat very easily, and so it is ideal if you would like to take it with you or if you need to store it.

The theme of this walker is the popular character, Winnie the Pooh, and so the activity trays which swing open are packed with toys and activities related to this cute bear and his fellow friends.

There are plenty of engaging toys which light up, as well as music and sounds. The play tray swings open to reveal a spacious snack tray, making this walker ideal for both play time as well as feeding time.

This is a highly recommended walker that led to many positive reviews from parents, so clearly it strikes the perfect balance between quality, practicality, safety and functionality.

In Favor

  • Its wheels run well both on floors as well as carpets.
  • The seat is padded, and machine washable.


  • Not for short babies.
  • A little bit heavy.

Safety 1st Ready Set Walker

This walker from the Safety 1st range has been very aptly named. The Ready, Set, Walk walker surely encourages your child to make his first steps on his own, as well as offering a lot of playing options too.

This walker was given good reviews all in all because it is a sturdy, practical and stimulating baby walker.

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Its base is wide and very stable, and the walker allows you to choose from three different height settings. This walker is suitable for children weighing up to 26 pounds.

The wheels work well on any floor, be it tiled or carpeted, and there are also grip strips which ensure that the child’s movement is safely regulated in case the surface is not even.

This walker comprises an activity tray with three engaging toys which will help to keep your child entertained while also developing his motor and cognitive skills.

There are even 12 different songs that can be played for added amusement. The snack tray is wide and spacious, and it is easy to keep it clean thanks to the material used.

The seat is padded and machine washable for additional convenience.

In Favor

  • Works well on any floor.
  • Easy to storage.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Don’t work for short babies.

KidsEmbrace Baby Walker

If you want your little boy to start driving a batmobile, this is possible with this innovative baby walker from KidsEmbrace.

With its very innovative theme from DC Comics Batman, this baby walker comes in the shape of a mini batmobile, complete with steering wheel, gear shifter, engine sounds, lights and vibrations.

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It has a comfortable foam seat covered by a polyester cover which is machine washable. The seat can be set at any one of three different height positions.

This walker is sturdy and made from high quality materials, however it is still lightweight and ensures ease of mobility and manoeuvrability.

It comes with four sturdy wheels. The removable activity tray is full of interesting and engaging activities for your little Batman.

This walker is suitable for children aged between 6 and 18 months.

Apart from being engaging for your little one, as a parent you will love this walker as it is safe, and very practical.

In fact it collapses quickly and with minimal effort whenever you need to store it or take it with you for trips. It is also approved by the American Society of Testing Materials Certification.

In Favor

  • Six grip pads.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Tray is removable.


  • Sometimes get stuck.

Disney Music and Lights Walker

This walker is ideal for your little princess who is starting to show signs of wanting to move around.

The cute pink color inspired by the Disney Princesses coupled up with the various toys included in the activity trays, will make your girl love it as she also tries to start off on her little feet.

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This walker is recommended for children who weigh up to 30 pounds and who are not taller than 32 inches. The walker was designed to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as safe.

Sturdy materials used throughout, especially at the base and wheels, along with grip strips to reduce movement on surfaces which are not even, make this walker very safe for your little princess to cruise around.

The walker offers the opportunity to choose from three different height positions. And it also folds up easily, neatly for your convenience whenever you intend to travel with it or store it.

The snack tray can be found beneath the swinging activity tray full of princess- themed toys, and it is quite spacious.

The activities are interactive and engaging thanks to many lights and sounds.

In Favor

  • The padded seat is machine washable.
  • Have grip strips.


  • Don’t suite for short babies.

Cosco Simple Steps Walker

The Cosco Simple Steps Walker in the Monster Syd theme received a lot of positive reviews from parents who bought it for their kids.

Besides its colourful theme dominated by the turquoise colour that is synonymous with this character, the walker couples up originality with quality and safety, which are after all critical for a child’s product.

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There are two heights possible with this walker, and so the child can use it for longer.

The walker is suitable for children who are not taller than 32 inches, and who do not exceed 30 lbs in weight. The walker can be set up very easily and it is really competitively prices when compared with other walkers.

The walker comes with a dishwasher safe insert tray which makes it ideal for the child to have a snack, as well as for the parent to clean up any messes afterwards.

Speaking of messes, which are after all normal with little kids, the seat pad is easy to remove as well as machine washable.

On either side of the insert tray there are some toys to keep the child entertained. The wheels of the walker are sturdy, with the two front ones being swivelling wheels, and so they allow for easy manoeuvring.

In Favor

  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • You can’t fold it.
  • Small for tall babies.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker

When buying a walker, or any baby product for their matter, parents place importance on safety. Baby Einstein are renowned for their high quality products, and this walker is no exception.

The Baby Einstein Baby Neptune walker, with the Ocean Explorer theme, is not only cute and colorful but also very helpful to improve your child’s mobility and developmental skills.

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The walker is made from high quality materials and is very sturdy. The elliptical frame that was used with this walker provides a very robust platform, and yet manoeuvrability is great.

Your little one will benefit from a high seat back. Besides encouraging your child to use his legs so as to move from here to there, the walker also offers some fun time with the toy station on the front.

The steering wheel will make lights and sounds to be emitted when it is turned, and so your little one will surely enjoy himself.

For practicality reasons, the toy station can also be removed, and all the items can be easily cleaned, including the seat pad which is machine washable.

In Favor

  • Offers good back support.
  • Front wheels swivel.
  • Easy to adjust the height.
  • Easy to fold.


  • Don’t work for carpeted floor.

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Walker

There are few brands that compete with Disney when it comes to children’s products.

The brand is renowned for the high quality and variety of products it offers and this cute Disney Baby Minnie Mouse walker can be one of the first Disney products to be enjoyed by your little princess.

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As a walker, it received many good reviews which praise its sturdiness and high quality materials. This is obviously fundamental when it comes to a walker, which needs to guarantee a child’s safety as she tries to start moving around independently.

The wheels are sturdy and work well on any surface. They are complemented by grip strips as well.

The walker offers three different height adjustment options, making it ideal for children of different heights. The seat is padded and comfortable, and it is also machine washable.

Your little girl will definitely sit comfortably while enjoying herself with the activity trays full of musical and engaging Minnie Mouse themed toys.

There are 12 songs in all, making it really entertaining for your baby. The activity trays have a swing-open mechanism to reveal a snack tray.

In Favor

  • Works well on any floor.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • Less the risk of injury.


  • Sometimes batteries may not work.

Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker

If you are looking for a walker that offers good value for money, and peace of mind, then the Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery baby walker is a good choice.

The base is wide for additional safety as your child moves around in it. The wheels are very sturdy and they will move well both on tiled as well as carpeted floors.

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There are also grip strips at the base which will help to stabilise movement even if the surface is rather uneven.

The walker is made from resistant materials and it comes with three different settings for the best height fit for your child.

This walker is not too broad at the top, but it nicely combines a play area with a feeding area since the activity trays swing open to reveal a tray beneath them.

There are various toys included, and your child will have fun with twelve different songs as well as lights.

The walker’s seat is padded for your child’s comfort, and it is machine washable for your peace of mind and convenience. This walker is also very practical when it comes to carrying around or if you want to store it away as it folds down in a flat position.

In Favor

  • Toy tray is used as  snack tray.
  • Easily foldable.
  • Works on carpet floor.


  • Sometimes height is too high for short babies to touch the floor.

Disney Baby Peek-A-Boo Walker

The Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Peek-a-boo walker is a compact walker which strikes just the right balance between practicality and functionality.

Complete with an engaging play station with lots of sounds and lights, this walker also serves as a great companion for your little girl as she tries to make her first steps.

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The toys are interactive and will help the child develop her motor skills too.

There is a bead chaser with the Minnie Mouse theme, as well as a number of flowers to click and feel, a roller drum and buttons to press too.

The toy station is also removable, so that the child can also play with it even when she is not in the walker.

The seat has a high back for proper support, and it is padded and machine washable. The frame of the walker as well as the toys are also easy to wipe clean.

There are three different height positions in which the walker can be used. The walker folds flat quickly and easily and so it can be transported or stored without any problem.

In Favor

  • Toy station is removable.
  • Seat pad is easy to clean.
  • Wheels turn easily.


  • Hard to move on carpet.

Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker

The Combi Ferrari F1 baby walker can make it easier for your little boy to start moving around.

Obviously he is not going to run as quickly as a Ferrari, considering that these will be his first steps, but he will surely be cute cruising around in this Ferrari themed walker!

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This baby walker is very original. It has the very realistic design of a Ferrari, with racing wheels, a steering wheel, mirrors, and much more.

The front hood of the car can be removed and attached, according to whether your child would like to use the area for driving or eating. The electronic play tray is also removable.

This is indeed a mobile activity centre, and a very realistic looking one too!

The seat is padded and it is removable for whenever it needs to be washed. As a baby walker you may rest assured that it is easy for the child to manoeuvre.

And since it is quite wide and made from high quality materials, it is very safe.

The wheels are sturdy and allow for easy gliding along floors. All of the four wheels swivel in fact, which is not something you find with all baby walkers.

In Favor

  • All four wheels swivel.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Stable and strong.


  • Jumper part is  kinda hard.

Storkcraft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker

Your child is earnestly trying to set off on his little feet, and even though they may be tiny steps at first, he is surely dreaming of running around and possibly, racing away!

Well, you could make his little wish a partial reality by opting for this baby walker by Storkcraft.

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This is actually an activity walker, in the shape of a car, and while it encourages your little one to start treading on his feet, it also makes him enjoy a rather realistic driving experience.

With a tiny steering wheel, a dashboard that lights ups, and real car sounds, your little one will surely enjoy this activity walker.

The tray area is a multi-use one as it can be used for snack time too.

There are three different height adjustments to choose from. The seat is comfortable and it can be removed for washing whenever the need arises.

All the materials used allow for easy cleaning, and this is something parents will like. Moreover the walker folds up easily thanks to a quick fold frame design.

Good value for money is guaranteed with the Storkcraft Mini-Speedster activity walker!

In Favor

  • Multi-use of toy tray.
  • Roll well on both thin carpet and hardwood floors.


  • The toy section has no on/off button.
  • Adjustments of height and folding isn’t easy sometimes.

Chicco Walky Talky Walker

The Chicco Walky Talky Walker is a popular walker not only because it is from such a renowned brand, but also since it is a walker that brilliantly couples up durability with practicality.

First of all it is built in a way that enables you to fold it up compactly should you need to take it somewhere with you or to store it away. The padded seat is also removable.

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The walker’s base is wide and robust, and there are brake pads which help to stop the walker should the baby walk over a step.

There are three different height adjustments, making it more comfortable and safer for the child, and also allowing you to keep using it for longer as the child grows taller.

The Chicco walker comprises a cute activity tray with toys, most of which are animals. This play tray is also removable, and so it can be used as a standalone toy.

This part can then be used for snack time.

This walker received good reviews overall, although some parents commented that the play tray could have included more engaging and interactive toys, and some seemed to prefer if the back wheels were similar to the front wheels as apparently they are not.

In Favor

  • Move on any surface.
  • Brake pads work super.


  • Sounds of toy station may be low.

Creative Baby Caterpillar 2-in-1 Walker

The Creative Baby 2 in 1 baby walker, with The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, is a cute walker, suitable for both baby boys and girls due to its neutral colors, toys and theme.

This walker allows for two different forms of motion as your child can either be placed within it, or else walk behind it.

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In fact unlike other walker it features a walk behind bar, and this is advantageous as it allows the child to keep using the walker even as he grows, while also learning the value of pushing something in front of him.

This walker has quiet ride wheels that swivel a complete revolution, as well as safety friction pads.

The walker has multiple height adjustments, and it can be folded up neatly in a flat shape. One of the main pros of this walker is that the toys are really engaging and original, apart from being playing music and lighting up too.

These six different multi-sensory toys are surely going to keep your child entertained for quite some time, while also encouraging him in developing motor skills.

The toy station is also easily removable. The seat is comfortable as it is padded and the back is quite high and supportive.

Good value for money considering all the positive aspects mentioned for this walker and its reasonable price.

In Favor

  • Easily fold up for storage.
  • It rolls great on carpet.
  • Adjustable height.


  • Don’t for tall babies.

Baby Trend Walker

The Baby Trend Walker is a rather simple walker in terms of design and colors. It appears to be rather bland when compared to more colourful walkers on the market, most of which include several toys.

It can be folded flat when you need to store it or for ease of transportation.

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Having said that though, the price is relatively low, and at the end of the day it still has positive features such as good stability, a high back padded seat and three different height positions.

The tray is rather large, and since the toys are basically on each side, with only a toy bar running across, there is more room for playing while eating, instead of having to remove a whole play tray so as to have a place where to eat.

Some parents might actually prefer it this way. However, as noted previously, the toys and the level of engagement that they offer are quite limited and there are no lights or sounds and music.

So all in all it is quite a good choice if you are looking for something simple and affordable, but functional and safe.

In Favor

  • Easy to clean.
  • Safe for baby.
  • Front wheels are multi-directional.


  • Create problem for tall babies.

Why baby walker?

The importance of choosing the best baby products from the market can be described in one word- entertainment.

Yes, the baby walkers keep them busy by entertaining them with inside toys and other gadgets.

Many baby walkers also come with music and videos playing features.

These help them to provide constant happiness, remove loneliness and make them cheerful.

Though overuse may cause problems but be aware of the problems you can solve these so easily. You can find these baby walkers in different styles, colors and have a different price range.

Choosing the best rated walker from the market can be confusing. To get rid of this confusion just read this guideline to its last and finds the best one for you.

Look here-“What Dr. Kirthi said about baby walker?” (in video)

Types Of Baby Walkers

Baby walkers come in different types, and they were developed to look more modern over the years.

There are also some varieties which do not include wheels, but still encourage the child to move.

Traditional Baby Walkers

This is the design whereby the walker is very simple, with an opening in the middle for the child to be placed in, and wheels to allow it to move around.

Modern Baby Walkers

​Over time the area that surrounds the child was not left to be plain and bare, but many baby walker manufacturers transformed it into an activity cent​er to keep the child entertained while being strapped in the walker.

So this part comprises various toys that promote the use of the child’s hands.

With various colors, shapes and sensations, the child can actually learn both motor as well as cognitive skills.

Push Walkers

These walkers are designed to encourage the child to move behind them, grab the bar, and push the walker in front of them while walking.

Apart from learning how to walk with these walkers kids also learn the concept of pushing and manoeuvring a wheeled object in front of them, and this helps in the development of spatial awareness.


There are also types of baby walkers that do not have wheels, but rather require the parent to assist the child to walk while being strapped up in a swing-like harness.

​Baby Jumpers

​Another variety, also with no wheels, which focus on having the baby push with their feet so as to lift themselves up from the ground in little jumps.

The Arguments Against Baby Walker

Every parent places a lot of importance on their child’s safety, and so the primary concern is whether baby walkers are unsafe, as some seem to pertain.

Kids gain extra speed and height in a baby walker, which ultimately can lead to various hazards unless they are supervised.

There may be cases when a child wanders away and ends up getting hurt.

A child in a baby walker could fall down the stairs, crash into walls or furniture, and scrape against harmful surfaces like heaters and ovens.

With the extra height the child could reach dangling cords, cables or objects which would have otherwise been out of reach.

However all of these possibilities are eliminated if the child is supervised. Unlike what some parents think, leaving a child running around in his or her own in a baby walker is a big mistake – supervision is a must.

In a nutshell, baby walkers are not unsafe, as long as you keep an eye on the child, and this is after all a constant responsibility of us parents. In truth baby walkers have various advantages, as we shall be discussing soon.

Should I Buy A Baby Walker?

Many parents tend to think that it is okay to leave the child to move around by himself in a baby walker.

However this is the main reason behind the possibility of accidents occurring, and so it is not really a matter that a baby walker is unsafe.

Many baby walker brands put a great deal of attention and care to the design of baby walkers so as to ensure that a baby can be safe, while using it under parental supervision. So as long as you:

  • Take the time to buy a good quality baby walker from a reputable brand, and
  • If you are willing to keep an eye on your child while he or she is using a baby walker,

There is absolutely no reason why you should not buy one for your baby. There are indeed many advantages to   buying a baby walker for your little one.

What Should You Consider About A Baby Walker?

Good quality baby walkers will be made from non-toxic materials, and have safety features such as seat belts or wheel locks.

A good quality baby walker will be one which has a design that is well thought-out to prevent against falls and ease of access through most doorways.

For this reason it is best to opt for a baby walker that is quite broad. Another important consideration when buying a baby walker is its manoeuvrability.

A baby walker should not be too heavy or have the child exert too much friction when moving around. This would end up discouraging the child from moving around in it, while also being rather unsafe as your little one tries too hard to move.

There are baby walkers that have additional safety features. Some of these include features with the walker’s wheels such as wheel lifts, and having wheels that lock into place.

Some walkers will also have friction strips and rubber strips which help the baby manoeuvre the walker more easily even if the floor is not completely even.

You should opt for a baby walker that has an adjustable height, and make sure that the seat is padded.

When buying a baby walker, make sure to check it thoroughly. It should be robust and there should not be any small or detachable parts, rough edges, or finishes that could result in any form of accident.

When Can Baby Start Using A Walker?

You will find various baby walkers on the market. Most are designed to be used by babies who are over 4 months old, but it is important to note that the best age varies according to the baby’s size and strength, as well as his/her level of development.

The baby will need to be able to hold up his or her head in a steady way. When placed in the walker his/her feet will need to touch the ground.

The child will need to understand that he has to push with his feet in order for the walker to move.

Not all children may be able to do that at the same age.

So you will need to consider your child’s specific developmental phase in conjunction with the type of baby walker you intend to buy.

How To Use Baby Walker Safely?

The first and most important rule is to ensure that you are monitoring where your child is going in the baby walker.

Constant supervision is a must and you can never assume that as long as the child is strapped up in the walker, then there is no need for you to keep an eye on him/her.

Secondly, for a baby walker to be safe to use, you should have made sure that it has been manufactured according to certain safety standards, and that it has safety features which make it even safer.

Make sure that the walker is the right size for your child. Most walkers are quite broad and rather bulky, but they should not be too heavy for the child to manoeuvre.

While your child is in the baby walker you need to be aware of the surroundings.

The additional height gained could allow your child to reach certain objects or touch things which could be hazardous.

Obviously stay away from dangerous areas such as stairs, doors leading to a pool, or if there are any appliances such as heaters and ovens that could pose a threat to your little one.

Baby Walker Advantages

Though there are some cons, the benefits of top rated baby walkers can be easily seen.

The best benefit from a baby walker you can get is- this helps to keep your baby busy with their funny stuff inside a walker.

Besides, it’s also entertaining. So the baby doesn’t get bored while staying for a longer time.

But you shouldn’t keep your baby longer in a baby walker. Now let’s discuss other benefits of having a baby walker-

  • ​Baby walkers can be a great companion for your toddlers because of its engaging toys inside.
  • ​Subconsciously they will learn to walk. No need extra guidance or care. As it is designed in such a way helping your baby to learn to walk.
  • ​While sitting inside a baby walker, they become happy because the comfort they feel if you buy the walker for them. Almost every baby walker has comfort seat padding.

These are the benefits of having a baby walker. The above best picks are all equipped with elastic strap, buckles and other safety features. So don’t need to worry about it.

Just choose the best walker for baby from the list within your price range and stay relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the recommended age of baby walker?

Baby walkers are designed for babies aged between 4 and 16 months.

However some experts recommend that for a child to use a baby walker, it’s best for a baby to be at least 8 months old.

It’s important to be aware of the child’s strength and development as this is critical in its selection as well as when to start using the walker.

How ​​long should baby in a walker?

A walker can be used until 16 months, as by then it is best to leave him/her to wander around on his/her own, and not be constrained within the boundaries of the walker.

How to assemble a walker?

Start with the base and make sure that the wheels are all properly and safely attached to it.

Next, assemble the middle part of the walker which consists of the seat. Set it at the right height for your child and affix it to the base.

Attach the seat cover, if any.

At this point make sure that any buckles, straps or seat belts are in the right places for proper fastening.

Next, mount any toys if any for your child to play with while using the walker.

What are the arternatives for a walker?

  • ​Push walkers are very popular options which encourage the child to walk as well as push the walker ahead of them.
  • ​There are parent assisted walkers where total control is in the hands of the parent who is holding the harness.
  • ​There are also baby jumpers which basically encourage movement in the form of jumping.

​Will a walker develop motor skill?

When your child is placed in a baby walker he will realize that when it moves its feet, it can move around, along with the walker.

That is both fun as well as engaging, thus it does encourage motor skill development.

​Final Verdict

Choosing one of the best baby walkers for your baby is always tough. Though there is a risk of causing accidents only some tips will prevent these problems.

If possible, try to keep your baby beside you while buying a walker.

There are many colors with low and high price range described in our top picks. Baby walkers can be great accompanists in a child’s development.

In fact, parents who buy a baby walker for their child notice significant improvements in their child’s level of independence and development.

​So if you want to give them a great childhood, put them in a baby walker and help them to develop and discover the art of walking.

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