The Definitive Guide To Push Walkers

Today, we are going to inform you about some of the best baby push walkers in 2019.

The push walker can be a fun toy for your baby. It develops their muscle, improves their imagination and helps them to walk earlier.

Most importantly, the little guys love to play with this thing.

Many parents say that there is no need for a walker.

But if you want to make the learning process more entertaining, I will say push walker is a better choice than a regular walker.

It will encourage them to move and explore interesting things freely without any obstacles. ​

But you have to be very careful to use it. I repeat very careful!

Let’s have a tour to see what’s inside this article.

12 Best ​Push ​Toys Reviews

​We are going to cut the chase short for you. Here, we have shortlisted the top 1​2 baby push ​toys in 2019.

Furthermore, we will educate you about the purposes and precautions of using this tool.

#12 Janod Crazy Doggy Cart

This doggy cart themed solid wood ​walker is a nice choice for your child. Your baby can push the cart around the house and fill it with toys.

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It will provide balance for your child when they take their first steps. It is entirely made of wood and very high quality. ​

The bell of the dog will ring as he pushed it. It will surely develop his motor skills.

The wheels don’t turn which prevent tipping backward. ​

It’s soft plastic ring doesn’t scratch up the floors. Sometimes move too fast to balance. ​

​So you have to keep your baby under strong supervision when using this.


  • ​The bell is not annoying.
  • ​Doesn’t tip over.


  • ​You cannot slow it down for early walkers.

#11 HABA Walker Wagon – First Wooden Push Toy

It is a beautiful and well-designed walker which will help your child to walk.

​With its speed adjustment feature, it will work on the right speed and develop his motor skills.

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It has a seat which allows siblings to ride along. This walker doubles as a doll pram or stroller.

In the back, there is plenty space for toys. You can also store your child’s favorite toys in the back.

​As it has silicone wheel tread, so you can use it indoor as well as outdoor.


  • ​Suitable for both carpet and ​wooden floors.


  • ​Expensive compared to other toys.

#10 Labebe – Baby Walker, Stroller Wagon, Kid Green Push Toy

This stroller wagon comes with cute graphics and bright color. The child can play his toys in the storage box and sit near it to play.

They can push it safely for a short walk too.

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It works as a walker as well as toy storage. You can also keep your pet in the storage box to encourage your kid to walk together.​

The rubber in the ring protects the floor and increases traction. It has a wide base that helps maintain the balance.​

You can keep some heavy item in the chest to make it completely fall-proof.​

Even the smallest kid can conveniently move the toy. The wheels are smooth.​

​Furthermore, anti-slip rubber ring will allow your baby to control the walker better.


  • ​Well-protected screw.
  • ​Well balanced.
  • ​Easy to ​assemble.
  • ​Certified.


  • ​No interactive toy.
  • ​No sound system.

#9 Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

This walker is a classic walker packed with all the classic fun activities to keep busy your baby. ​

​Your child will have fun playing with it on the floor and also it will help him to stand and steady his first steps.

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This walker comes with flipping doors and sliding beads and many more entertaining activities.

As it folds flat your child will be able to enjoy fun activities right on the floor.

​You can fold it easily so you will be able to store it and carry it on tour.


  • ​Provides great portability and storage.
  • ​Help your baby to steady his first steps.
  • ​It has a ball in the center that spins.


  • ​Not good on hard wood floors.
  • ​Very lightweight.

#8 Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toy

This one is a good choice as it has rubber trimmed setback wheels to protect your floors. It has child safe materials.

​This ​wooden push walker is with all the fun activities for your baby. It will develop his coordination and fine motor skills.

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It offers five different activities by its movable knobs, gears and balls.

​It has non-toxic finishes and very sturdy construction. So you can give it to your child without worrying.


  • ​Easy to assemble.


  • ​It is an expensive toy.
  • ​Need huge amount of space to enjoy.

#7 Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy

It is a well-designed wooden push walker and comes with lots of colorful and amusing toys to keep the child engaged.​

​This multi-sensory toy has textures of alligator, fish, and butterfly. As the kids move the toy, the toy alligator chomps and the toy butterfly spins.

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The walker makes a gentle sound upon moving. Also, it has the sound effect of animals.

It is made with very good materials. The wooden construction is stable and sturdy.

What’s more, it has been manufactured with the utmost care and precision.​

The handle is designed in a way so that every child can easily grab it.

Moreover, the push toy comes with non-skid wheels to keep your kid safe.​

​It is a heavy and well-balanced unit.


  • ​​Develop​s motor skill.
  • ​Reliable.
  • ​Encourage baby to move.


  • ​Sometimes falls backwards.

#6 Little Tikes Light ‘n Go-3-in-1 Activity Walker

This is a jungle themed 3-in-1 activity walker. Your child can sit and play with the activity table or push and walk with it. It offers a lot of play and fun to your child.

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With its 70+ songs and light, it helps develop your baby’s auditory and visual senses. It provides easy storage as it folds easily.

Activity panel has many toys that make animal sounds and noises. It will greatly entertain your kids.

You can fold down the walker and turn it into an activity table. Your child can sit and play with it.


  • ​You can easily store it as it folds flat.
  • ​Affordable price.


  • ​Difficult to assemble.
  • ​Once assembled, you cannot take it apart.

#5 Cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker

Are you looking for a push walker that will help your kids to be smarter?

Then, you should buy the Cossy wooden baby learning walker.​

It has forest themed building blocks that will make your child more creative. ​

In addition, it is easy to assemble the toy.

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The wheels are made of thermoplastic rubber. This non-toxic material increases friction and provides better control. It also keeps the floor spot-free.

This toy includes wooden blocks. It will develop the motor skill and eye to hand coordination of your baby.

The baby will be encouraged to solve the puzzle. It will also improve his imagination power.

The good thing about the Cossy walker is that it has a durable construction. It is made with premium Dutch woods.

​Hence, your kids will find a perfect balance and stay safe.


  • ​Exclusive design.
  • ​Non-toxic paint.
  • ​Easy to clean.
  • ​Responsive after sales service.


  • ​Loud.

#4 Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker

This ​push toy ​has a locking mechanism. You can lock the legs and make it stationary. It also has a lot of fun activities and features.

With its 4 modes of play, your baby will surely have fun and develop motor skills.

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Your child can have shape sorting fun. 

He can sit and play with removable cook top, or he can stand and play on the activity table. He can also push and walk with it.

When your baby walks the popcorn really pops.

Also you can remove the top and make it shopping cart.


  • ​BPA free.
  • 3 sound settings (english/spanish/french).


  • ​Doesn’t fold​.

#3 Fisher-Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker

This zebra themed walker ​can teach ​your little one letters and numbers through sing along songs and help him walk.

It is designed to have stability. It offers 2 modes of play and lot of finger activities. It will surely develop his motor skills.

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Your baby can sit and play or stand and walk with it.It’s fun activities make sure your baby develop motor skills

It is very stable as it has 4 sturdy wheels base. So it ensures that your baby will walk securely.

This walker will teach your baby ABC’s and 123’s with sing along songs.


  • ​Easy to assemble.
  • ​Develop gross motor skills.


  • ​It doesn’t have any brake.
  • ​Hard to roll on hardwood floors.

#2 Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

This classic walker is one of the best wooden baby walker that helps your child to stand and steady his first steps.

It’s resist push feature allows him to build confidence.

It also protects your house with its bumper which is furniture friendly. It comes with removable sides to provide a lot of fun to your child’s play.

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It offers a classic look as it has a natural solid wood body. It’s a nice choice if you want to present your child a classic toy.

It has a furniture friendly bumper. It will protect your home.


  • ​This is a classic, safe and versatile walker.
  • Worth the money.


  • ​Side panels are not very strong.

#​1 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

​VTech learning walker is the best baby push walker in our list.

Trust me, kids love the interactive workers. They can play with the toys and their interactive features.

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This walker is full of toys. Undoubtedly, it is going to be a kid’s favorite product. The toys are bright and colorful. They are designed to improve the motor skill.

It comes with two spinning rollers and three shape sorters.

Moreover, there are three light up buttons as well. On top of that, the product features a dummy telephone handset for role play.

Another plus point is the sound system. It has three piano keys.

The walker can play 70 songs and fun phrases. Your child will rarely get bored while playing with this thing.

A toddler doesn’t always push the push walker. Sometimes, he likes to sit and play with other toys too.

Amusingly, the removable play panel of this walker will help him in his floor play.


  • ​Easy to remove.
  • ​Frustration-free packaging.
  • ​Suitable for both carpet and hard floors.


  • ​Lightweight.
  • ​The special edition costs higher.

​Things to Consider Must

  • ​Stability and Weight

You should buy a unit that is adequately stable. If the toy is heavy and has a sturdy plastic base, it will be able to balance well.

baby push walker development

  • ​Quality and Durability

A durable push walker will save the additional cost of buying the tool again for the next child. Try to buy a toy made of robust and harmless material.

  • ​Activity and Stimulation

​Most push walkers have some fixed toys. It helps to stimulate the sense of your little champ.

The walker can have the textures of fruits and sound effects of animals. It may also have materials to flip and play.

The bottom line is that the more activity for your baby, the more time he will spend with the toy.

  • ​Comfort and Safety

​It should be comfortable and safe for your kids. The handle should have soft grips.

Good wheels, anti-slip pads, and steadiness are also part of the safety features.

  • ​Mobility

The wheels should grip well. It should provide enough mobility. The children must be able to move the toy easily.

  • ​Flexibility

A flexible toy can be folded down and stored easily.

  • ​Versatility

You can convert a versatile toy to different things. So, the kids won’t be bored by playing with the same toy every day.

​Difference Between Push and Baby Walker

Some people confuse the push toy with the regular baby walker. However, a push walker is different from a baby walker.


It is a wheeled toy that allows the baby to move from one place to another.​

The structure of a standard baby walker includes multiple wheels and a plastic frame on top of the wheels. There is a soft fabric seat that comes with two leg holes.

The baby sits on the walker and the frame surrounds him. ​

Several toys are attached to the frame to engage the baby. Most of the infants love to play in a walker.

On the other hand, the push walker doesn’t restrict the mobility of your kids by surrounding themselves.

Rather, it gives them the freedom to move freely. The toy also provides them sufficient support so that they can easily stand and push this thing.

However, the parents must stay near to their children when they use this toy.

Studies have found that the regular baby walker actually delays walking by two to three weeks.

It prevents the kids to strengthen their legs by crawling, standing and exploring freely. Therefore, it is recommended to use a push walker for your baby instead.

​Benefits of Push Walkers

Here, we have listed some of the major benefits of using the push walkers.

  • ​The push walker helps the babies to stand by providing them support. Thereby, the kids learn how to shift their weight and maintain their body balance.
  • ​It also assists them to develop the bilateral coordination of their hands. ​​The infants often stabilize them with one hand while reaching out the other hand for toys. Also, their eye-hand coordination improves. Incredible, isn’t it?
  • ​In a conventional walker, the toddler can’t see his legs. Moreover, his legs are not always in the right position for walking. It blocks their motor development. But, a push walker allows him to see his legs. Thus, it will help in improving his motor skill.
  • ​The baby can stand, move or walk by pushing the wheels of this toy. Resultantly, it increases his confidence which is not possible in a conventional walker. The toy also stimulates his imagination.
  • ​It will strengthen the legs, feet, arms, shoulder complex and the hands of your baby.
  • ​Floor play is important for every little baby. Their physical and mental development occurs as they move, play and roll in the floor. The push walker encourages them to play on the floor.

Precautions You Must Follow

You should never ignore the safety of your kid. ​

Always adhere to the precautionary guideline mentioned below to keep your child safe on a push walker.


When your kid is 9 months old, he will start crawling and moving. It is the right time to give him a push walker. ​

push walker development

At about 15 months of age, your child should be able to push the toy.

Their legs and feet become stronger than before. So, give them the toy appropriate for their age.


Sometimes the sharp nails may get exposed or the protective cover may come off. It may damage little children.

Therefore, inspect the tool every time before giving it to the kids for playing.


The body organs of little babies are very delicate. They may receive serious injury simply by tipping over the toy.

What’s more, they can tangle themselves in the cord or bite the cord. Therefore, close supervision is mandatory.​

Don’t worry, it is always fun to watch these little angels play.


Look for the material. Make sure that the toy is made of non-toxic materials.

​Frequently Asked Questions

​When can baby use push walker?

A baby starts crawling at around 9 or 10 months of age. Ironically, some babies develop quicker than others. It depends on each one’s strength and ability.

Nonetheless, you should give your precious little baby a push walker by the age of nine months or more.

​Do push walkers helps babies walking?

It gives them support, strengthens their body parts and boosts their confidence. Thus, it facilitates walking for a baby.

​Why the push walkers need to be stable?

As little babies play with the push toy, they often move forward or sideways to pick up other objects.

​They steady themselves by holding on to the push walker. Therefore, having a stable toy will keep them safe and protected.

​Which material is safer, wood or plastic?

Both materials can ensure excellent safety as long as the quality is high.

​Can I use it on every surface?

If you buy a push walker with skid-proof wheels, you will be able to use it on multiple surfaces.

​Final Words

Congratulations! You have finished reading the entire article.

We hope that you have gained valuable insights about the baby push walker from our article. ​

By far, you should know which one should be the best baby push walker for your child.

Which one are you going to choose? ​

Did you use a push walker for your baby before?

Do share your experience with us so that we can tell other parents out there. ​If you have any beef with what we wrote, do let us know.

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