Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker Review

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker enhances the walking ability of the baby as he or she tries to take the initial steps.

It is a great walker, which is strong and provides a good support for babies who are learning to walk.

The growing phase of a infant is one of the most important phases.

It is a proud moment for every parent when their little tot starts to crawl, walk, talk or stand.

Every parent wants to provide the best for their baby, be it clothes, toys or walkers.

To ensure that a child learns to take the first steps in a safe and secure manner, a walker is very important.

The time that a baby takes to learn to walk varies from one baby to another.

It is an important task of the parents to be ready when the time arrives for their toddlers to start walking.

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For Whom The Product Is Designed?

  • ​For babies who learned to sit on their own.
  • ​For babies who're cognitive.

Features Of Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker

Toy Loops

It is fun for the infant and convenient for the parents when their little remains busy with the toys.

It has loops with fun and colorful baby toys that will keep the little one engaged.

There is a steering wheel which makes ocean sounds when activated and the light glows too.

Childrens find it amusing and they will remain entertained by this fun feature.

The toy station is removable so that tot can play with it on the floor too.

The light and sound can be activated by spinning the ship's wheel.

Supportive Back

The back seat is built in a highly supportive manner that provides an extra support for the baby.

It can be wiped and the cleanliness can be maintained. The walker's height is adjusted as the infant grows and walks around with it.

This feature is much appreciated since the walker can be used for a long time, as the kid continues to grow.

Feeding Tray

This is a very useful feature and parents find it very convenient. The toy tray can be removed when required and the snack tray can be put on it. 

This detachable system saves space and makes it easy for transportation.

The strong and durable structure of this walker allows easy detach-ability of the toy tray.

So, while parents feed their tot, the little one can play with other toys.

Strong And Durable

It has a very strong frame that is safe and provides protection to the baby. It weighs 12.2 pounds and is not bulky.

Hence, that makes it easier for the baby to walk around with ease.

2 AA batteries are required for this walker and the electronic toy system to work.

It is very important that a baby uses a walker which will not break or collapse.

A strong frame is highly appreciated since growing stages of a child are the most important phases.

Easy Assembly

The walker can be assembled easily. It has a simplistic frame that is free from the hassle of complex assembly.

Height adjustments can also be made as the baby grows.

Hence, parents do not have to worry about buying a new walker as the baby grows.

When you are concern about foldability, then you must once go through this walker. This walker also offers the same feature.


There are rubber feet for extra safety. It 'brake' when baby walks close by uneven surfaces like stairs.

And the construction is also sturdy.

​Easy to Clean

As the seat and frame can wipe out easily, so parents have, not to worry about its cleanliness.

You can clean its seat very easily.


  • It is strong and has a sturdy frame.
  • It is durable.
  • It has a fun electronic toy loop which has lights and ocean music.
  • The toy tray is removable.
  • It is safe and secure.
  • The height of the walker can be adjusted.
  • It has a highly supportive backrest.


  • It needs 2 AA batteries.
  • It is built for babies who weigh less or equal to 25 lbs, but not more than that.

What Customers Says About The Walker?

Customer reviews are very important as they offer a deeper insight into the features and usability of the product.

Customer feedback plays an important role and is a must read before purchasing any product.

One gets to know about the features, advantages, and the disadvantages about a product in more details than the technical information that is already provided by the manufacturer or the company.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker on Amazon has varied ratings given by the customers.

While some people have rated 5 stars, others have rated 4 stars or lower, but the majority of the people has rated 5 stars.

This product has received serious appreciation from the customers.

Its feature of easy assembly and durability has been highly spoken of. 

A particular parent mentioned that the walker moved with ease on a cluttered and tight floor space.

However, some people have commented on the flexibility of the walking complaining about the immovability of all the four wheels.

Another parent mentioned that the two-snap setting is not very convenient since the straps become too tight if a baby has thick legs.

She concluded that the manufacturer did not pay attention to the height of the baby.

Another complaint was that the walker moves best on a smooth surface and does not slide well across a carpeted floor.

But apart from that, it has been praised by most of the customers who have bought them.

The simple frame has been found praised by most of the customers who have bought them.

The simple frame has been found convenient by the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the walker safe for baby?

A: The walker is absolutely safe and has a strongly built structure. You need not worry about your baby's safety while he or she uses this walker.

However, it is advised that you do not leave your baby alone unless adult supervision is not present.

Q: Is​ it durable?

A: The strong frame of this walker allows the walker to be long lasting. So, yes, it is durable.

​Final Verdict

When a baby is moving past the crawling phase and is learning to take the first steps, Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Explorer Walker is a great choice for your baby.

It is long lasting, strong and safe. The varied features of this walker let the baby have a great walking experience.

It can be concluded safely that this product is a genuinely good and unique product which strives to provide the utmost comfort and ease for a baby when he or she is entering a new learning phase.

​If you are looking for buying a baby walker, then this einstein baby walker would be a very good choice.

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James Stokes - May 20, 2018

We have and love our Baby Einstein walker. However today my wife Brittany and I witnessed what can happen with this walker when the back wheel is off and edge of any plane and the baby moves sideways and the front wheel goes off of the plane as well. The entire walker tips over! Our son was going overboard into a koi pond and thank God she was there to snag him as he was dangling over the water. Really good design except for this major flaw. They should have a fourth bar from back wheel to back wheel with the bumper pads underneath as well. Extremely dangerous and not thought out to the fullest! I will be contacting the manufacture.

    Eleana Stephens - May 27, 2018

    Hi James,
    Thank you for your valuable reply. We really appreciate this type of comment. Hope you update us with the manufacturer answer. So that our reader can benefit with your real life experience and be careful before buying.
    Have a good day.
    Eleana 🙂


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