9 Best Walking Toys For 1 Year Old Baby

The firsts of each baby are precious. The baby’s first step, first word, first walk are all moments that parents remember vividly.

Babies usually start to stand up and learn to walk with the help of parents within 8-9 months of age.

And at 12-15 months, babies learn to walk by themselves.

​At this stage you can give them the best walking toys for enjoyment.

best walking toys

Walking toys help and encourage babies to walk by giving them a support to hold on to while they’re walking.

​Here ​Are 9 of ​The ​Best ​Walking ​Toys

Handcrafted Wooden Toy & Walker

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator is a handcrafted wooden walker for children ages one and up.

This toy includes three alligators that open and close their mouth when the baby pushes the walker.

They also make clacking noises. Butterfly and ladybug beads spin to amuse the baby.

Colourful cattail design on the side and fish on the wheel is capable of grabbing any child’s attention in a blink.

The walker has a sturdy and weighted build.

Strong wooden handlebar will give the child enough support for assisted walking.

Walk or Ride

PlayskoolRocktivity Walk N Roll Rider is a 3 wheeled walker at first. But if your child wants to ride a bike, you can instantly turn it into one too.

Thanks to the convertible seat that doubles as a handle.

The walker plays up to 15 tunes and fun sounds continuous as the baby walks with it.

When riding, the baby can play the horn and turn the key on the dashboard to rev the engine.

It encourages gross-motor development as well as the walking of the baby.

​Radio Flyer Wagon

The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon comes with an attractive color and style.

Natural solid wood body and removable wooden stake sides give it the look of a vintage wagon.

It uses push resistant mechanism so that the walker will not slide away from the toddler. The wagon weighs 13.4 pounds so it will not tip over.

This walker is very practical and works well to help toddlers keep their balance.

Your child can happily walk with this while keeping his or her toys in the wagon.

​Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker by VTech is a playful toy that works as an activity panel at first.

Later when your child starts walking, it transforms to a walker.

The Activity panel includes spinning gears, five piano keys that play different tunes.

Three light up shape sorters and buttons along with a purple telephone handset, this product offers countless hours of fun activities.

For toddlers that are either crawling or walking, this is an exciting toy to have.

​HABA Discovery Wagon

With many features for toddlers to explore, the HABA Discovery Wagon is entertaining for children.

Toddlers can trot behind this wagon very comfortably and if they need a break, they can sit on the front of this wagon.

With adjustable brake to control speed, this wagon is very safe.

Also, this wagon is made out of durable birch plywood.

An Eco-friendly Walker

The Plan Toys Van Walker is a cute, lightweight walker perfect for toddlers.

The whole wagon is made from eco-friendly products such as sustainable rubber-wood.

It has a unique van-shaped look with a happy yellow face. Toddlers who are just starting to walk can use this walker comfortably.

They can also store their toys in the wagon as they push along.

For more information about baby developmental activities Baby Products Zone is one of the best option.

2-in-1 Sit and Ride

Y Pewi is a very stylish and 2-in-1 walker and rider. It features a unique design that catches eyes and suitable for toddlers aged 9-36 months.

Toddlers can use this as a push toy for walking or can sit on it to ride from room to room.

This product uses casters that provide smooth swivel and has non-marking rubber wheel that protects your floors from skid marks.

Pixie Walker Wagon

Haba Carpenter Pixie Walker Wagon is a creative toddler walker. It offers many toys that are tools such as saw, hammer, and wrench. 

They are all safe to play with and toddlers will become little builders themselves and broaden their imagination.

This walker also has a rack and a hidden storage that any toddler will love.

Made out of sustainable wood, this walker is also very durable.

Hape Push Cart

The simplest of designs and the easiest to use, the Hape Block & Roll Push Cart is here for parents that love simplicity.

This cart is easy to roll, push or carry for toddlers and a simple storage tray holds small toys that toddlers want to keep close by.

Also, 21 colorful blocks are added for toddlers to play with which also help develop fine motor skills.

Importance of Walking Toys For Babies

Walking toys, while may not seem important, can be quite helpful for a child’s development.

They help to improve the eye-hand coordination when the baby plays with the buttons or small toys.

baby activity toys

It also encourages the strengthening of arms, shoulders, and hands of toddlers.

They also promote bilateral coordination, which means the coordinated use of both hands.

Also, walking toys keep the baby busy, so parents can do other household activities too.

In other words, walking toys can benefit both the baby and the parents.

​Final Verdict

Walking toys for 1-year-old babies are more useful than parents might think. They can provide entertainment and help in a child’s development.  

Parents spend a lot of money for their children’s benefit and a walking toy can be a good investment.

But parents should know, walking toys are usually safe.

​But they should not let children use walking toys near stairs or high places or without supervision.

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