​Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop n Cook Walker Review

It is not always easy to find a perfect companion for your baby in the initial years to keep him busy and help him grow.

But with Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop n Cook Walker, your baby can learn and have fun with it through stages of the floor playing to walking. 

It’s a fun-filled walker which offers plenty of activities for your little one. One of the best choice for your infants.

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For Whom The Product Is Designed?

  • Babies of few months old who are just crawling on the floor.
  • Toddlers learning to walk.
  • Kids of 12 months age range and even older kids.
  • ​Moms and dads who need to something meaningful to keep their baby engaged with.

Features Of Bright Starts Giggling Walker

4  in 1 Activity

The games and activities grow with your child and give them endless fun and learning opportunities. The 4 activities include –

  • ​Detachable cook top for sit and play.
  • ​Activity table for playing while standing.
  • ​Pushing it as a support while walking.
  • ​Use it as a shopping cart by removing the cook top.

Learning Opportunities

The walker provides various learning opportunities to your toddler.

They learn the cause and effect concept when they push a button to make the popcorn pop.

It helps them learn walking while they push it around the house. The buttons are big and bulky to accommodate the limited motor skills of a child.

Endless Fun

Your child will just love the endless hours of fun that comes with this walker.

Push a button to create sizzling cooking sounds or pop up the sandwich and popcorn; The shape sorter and the egg roller will keep him busy forever.

Lights And Sounds

The toy attracts and engages your child like anything.

It incorporates bright colors and entertains your toddler with fun music, lights and sounds for fun and enjoyment.


It is made of high-quality plastic and can withstand all the tossing and turning from your child.

The whole thing is also very easy to clean and maintain. This walker is also can be used as push walker. 

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  • Made of sturdy plastic which makes it durable.
  • Hours of endless fun and engagement for child.
  • Fun activities that promote learning and growth.
  • Can be used while baby transits from floor play to walking.


  • The wheels do not roll properly on hard wood surfaces.
  • The cook top comes off easily as it is attached with a small magnet.

What Customers Says About The Walker

Parents have rated the product quite high and given positive reviews.

The babies had instantly fallen in love with the walker and did not want to let it go even when it was bed time!

Many customers love the fact that they can use it for a long time as it grows as your baby gets older.

The durability of the product is another plus point which makes it a good investment.

The best part about the walker is the popcorn that pops with a sound whenever the baby walks or pushes the button.

The babies just love it and become excited every time it ‘pops’!

Very few parents have reported that their kids got scared of the popping sound as it was too loud for them.

Another aspect that babies love is pushing the cart all over the house.

 It’s fun for them and provides a support as they learn to walk.

The legs of the walker are wide and robust which makes it safe for the kid to push around.

Overall, the parents and kids are both satisfied by the product, and they just love it!

Some of the parents had also passed the walker to their relatives or friends when babies got over using it.

The durability makes sure it can be used for generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can ​it ​be ​pushed ​on ​carpets?

A: The wheels are made of plastic and will not cause any harm to the carpet.

Q: Can I assemble the walker myself?

A: There are some screws provided in the packaging for assembly. It is really simple, and you can do it yourself.

Q: ​Will the walker be too heavy to push for my child?

​A: The weight of the walker is around 2.4 Kg. It is lightweight, and your toddler will have no issues in pushing it around.

​Final Verdict

The combination of fun, entertainment, and learning is endless with this Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop n Cook Walker.

It’s attractive and employs the use of bright colors, lights, sounds and melodies to engage your child and provide all the activities he needs.

The product is designed to help the babies transit from toddling to walking and does a perfect job while making it fun all the way long.

Introduce this product in your baby’s life and witness the joy and happiness that comes along with it.

​The Giggling Gourmet Walker will light up your child’s face and make him giggle all the time.

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Dawn Fraser - January 25, 2018

Need to know what size screws it takes and where they go directions for assembly and screws we’re missing from box


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