Bright Starts Walk-a-Bout Walker Review

All babies reach a point where they naturally want to walk.

It is a difficult process, though, as some of them are too fearful to walk without support.

Others take longer to learn how to walk because of their weight.

Still, there are kids who have medical issues that prevent them from walking as expected.

Whatever the case is every kids deserves unconditional support from the whole family.

One way to help your lovely tot walk faster is to buy the Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker for him or her.

This walker is exceptionally catchy and well-designed. It will capture the attention of your little boy or girl as soon as it is removed from the delivery box.

This walker creatively combines yellow and turquoise colors.

It also boasts a whole station of toys and other entertainment stuff.

As well as helping your little learn to walk, this walker will stimulate the child’s senses.

There is another version of this walker which is especially designed for your little baby girl.

You can find it in our baby girl walker article

For Whom The Product Is Designed?

  • ​A little boy or girl who cannot wait to make their first step.
  • ​An active baby who crawls behind you from room to room. This gear can simplify their movements.
  • ​A baby whose brain growth could profit from the use of sensory toys.
  • ​Children who cannot help themselves walk safely because of fear or perhaps some health issue.

Features Of Bright Starts Walker

Height Adjustments

Infant may be of the same age, but of a different body size. Some of them are taller while others are short.

The walker was designed with their varying heights in mind.

If you realize that your child cannot use the lowest position, you should change it to the next one.

Furthermore, all children must outgrow the first position height adjustment.

Hence, this walker offers two more position height adjustments.

Entertainment Station

The bright starts walker consists of a toy entertain system. It has three fun toys and two links for linking extra toys.

These are sensory toys intended to entertain your child.

Additionally, the electronic toy system has melodies, lights, and sounds. These could engage your baby’s mind for hours.

The station is equipped with a volume control for regulating sounds and melodies.

In addition to using the toys on the go, your sweet baby could play with them on the floor.

Steering Wheel

In order to start walking, the child should steer their new walker. Apart from initiating movements, the steering wheel motivates the baby to use the walker.

When the wheels start to spin, they produce electronic sounds that mount more curiosity in the baby.

As a result, they will always be interested in driving their new walker.

Before they understand it all and become bored, they will be walking already.

High Seat Back

This infant walker provides a very supportive and comfortable high seat back.

This seat will protect your child’s back when maneuvering their walker.

As well, it is designed to safeguard the kid’s inner things from friction and bruises it might cause.

The turquoise seat is beautiful as well, as it has catchy cartons and prints. So the infant will not resist it.

Above all, it will not cry because of discomfort since the high seat back is soothing.

Toy Safety Features

This walker is absolutely safe. It has rubber feet that enhance braking when the child comes near rough, uneven terrains.

The frame itself is wide and strong. Hence, babies who weigh between fifteen and twenty-six pounds can use the walker comfortably.

This also works well on carpeted floor.

To know more about carpet friendly walker you can go through this "baby walker for carpet" article.

Folds Easily

The item stays safe even when not in use. All you should do is fold it flat and store it where you prefer.

So you have not to worry about storing it.

​Weight & Height

This Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker is 11 pounds on average and 34 x 28 x 24 inches.

The maximum weight for toddlers is 26 pounds recommended.


  • It is easy to clean and keep free from stains.
  • It folds and requires a small storage space.
  • Offers 3 detachable toys and two loops for more toy attachments.
  • The most inexpensive walker there is.


  • Might be unsafe for naturally tall babies.

What Customers Says About The Walker?

Customers who have already bought this walker have varying opinions about it.

Some have given it a 5-star rating, implying that they have absolutely no complaints.

Concerning the general attractiveness of the walker, every customer had no complaint.

Their babies liked their new walker and all its components. There are some who found the toys quite basic, yet they didn’t get alarmed.

The toys still kept their children entertained and occupied.

As for the noise level, this wasn’t a big deal for most customers.

This is simply because the walker comes with two volume levels that enable the user to reduce or increase the sound.

However, the feet do make some clicking sounds when the steering wheel is working.

While most parents pointed this out, they also claimed that their babies did not seem bothered.

Concerning safety, different buyers have varying opinions. There are those who think that the walker is safe.

In their opinion, the walker works great on wood or cemented smooth surfaces.

This is because the infant will hardly meet an obstacle that would cause the rubber feet to stop.

In addition, they realized that the walker rolled sluggishly on carpeted floors.

Still, there are customers who did not find the item safe for tall babies, even if it has 3 position height adjustment.

Others found that when the front wheels turned the rear ones got stuck, making it harder for the baby to move the walker.

Overall, most parents do not regret buying this baby walker. It helped eventually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What baby weight does the walker support?

A: Your baby should weigh anything between 15 to 26 pounds.

Q: ​At the lowest and highest setting, what is the distance between the floor and the seat?

A: When a baby is seated, the distance is six inches. 

However, if the height position is turned to the highest setting, the distance is nine inches.

​Final Verdict

The Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker is a nice pick if you want to assist your toddler walk but your budget is small.

It is one of the fairest priced walkers you can find online. Besides, this walker is so attractive and beautiful.

​Any child, regardless of gender, could naturally like it.

If your child cries and nags a lot, chances are that they just want to be more active.

With this walker, the baby’s mind will stay entertained and engaged, and they will no longer be nagging.

As long as you provide a smooth and flawless riding surface, your child will walk soon.

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