Delta Children Lil Drive Activity Walker

One of the most trusted and reliable solutions being the Delta Children Lil' Drive Baby Activity Walker.

In order to understand how it is more reliable, the following review will provide the required assistance.

Every parent wants to provide the best for their little tots and wants a healthy and happy baby along with.

It is important for the tiny being to develop the features as they grow up, such as talking, crawling, standing, walking and others.

One of the most important concerns for any parent is the proper adaptation of walking off their child as it indicates a detrimental development of normal growth. 

However, every child takes different time to learn to walk because they have various variations in growth. 

It is important for the parent to help their infant get adapted to the ability to walk in order to get a better and quick habituation.

For such an adoption, it is best for them to start their practice in a baby walker.

​​​​This Delta baby walker is specially made for considering your little boy's entertainment. You can know more about baby boy walker here.

For Whom The Product Is Designed?

  • ​For the baby who has learned to stand up recently and needs to practice walking.
  • ​For the first step of a baby and for the active crawler.
  • ​A little child who is reluctant to walk because health issues prohibit or fears.
  • ​For kid to profit their brain growth using sensory units of a walker.
  • ​For them who can sit up on their own.
  • ​And especially for the baby boy.

Features Of Delta Children Lil' Drive Walker

Car Themed

The first  and most interesting thing about this walker is a car themed walker. Its cool color and plastic wheels give it an actual look of a car.

When a child starts to ride on this walker, he/she will feel like driving a real car. 

There is another car themed walker which is Combi Ferrari Walker. You can also check this for your toddler.

Electronic Toy Tray

Being one of the unique features of this particular Delta Children’s Products, the electronic toy tray is an absolute recreational and a unique feature that is sure to delight every child while guaranteeing the best safety at the same time.

It is attached with multiple unique lights and sounds to entertain your toddler and for all ages.

Feeding Tray

Having a portable and detachable feeding and snack tray proves to be one of the best features for the convenience of every parent.

It saves space and the detachable system makes it convenient for transportation.

Parents can easily feed their tot as the toy tray can be removable.

Height Adjustments

One of the most varied features of the product is the system of adjusting heights in three different positions.

This saves all the parents from the concerned that the walker will not be used anymore while the baby is growing. Parents can use it for a long period.

Comfortable Seat Pads

The seat pads of this walker are really very comfortable for infant.

They are well cushioned. Your little will always feel comfortable riding on the walker.

Besides the seat pads can remove easily. So you can clean the walker when it becomes dirty.

Easily Foldable

The best thing about Delta Baby Walker is that it can easily be folded. So you have not to worry about traveling out of town.

And this feature also saves you space when it is not used. You can store this anywhere in your room.

JPMA Certification

While parents are most concerned about the safety of their child and need to trust if the product is reliable, this product has JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association) certifications.

Along with the certification and licensing of ASTM (American Society For Testing And Materials), it also follows the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards.

Therefore, it is more durable and child-friendly.

No Battery Requirement

One of the most convenient and many needed features is that of the functioning of the walker without any battery requirement.

And, Delta Children’s Products just installed that feature in this product.

​Weight & Height

This cool baby walker is 12.8 pounds and 27 x 27.8 x 26 inches.Its maximum weight recommendation for the children is 25 pounds.


  • Easy assembly and folding system.
  • No requirements of batteries.
  • Height setting adjustments for better convenience.
  • Durable and suitable for transportation.


  • Unsuitable for hardwood timber flooring.
  • Lesser active assembly parts.

What Customers Says About The Walker?

The Delta Baby Walker is one of the most popular baby walkers in the market.

Hence, it has been reviewed by many and the reviews come in a variety of shades.

While mostly around 74% of the customer reviews are positive, some of them on the negative side.

However, none related to the general safety and functioning. Let’s look at the various reviews.

It has been widely appreciated regarding its colors and framework. Even the mom and baby loved the cute colorful designs at first sight.

The sound systems are a great hit amongst the customers where they mentioned how their kids loved the honking the horns for the sound.

One of the most mentioned features being the easy cleaning facility because of the top tray adjusted at the convenient level.

The assembling of the product has been reviewed greatly because of its easy assembling process.

Many reviews have mentioned that the product is a great option for a present at a infant shower as it is suitable for all genders.

One of the most loved and a unique feature of the walker has been the large comfortable seat. 

The height adjustment facility of this has been loved as many parents thought they wouldn’t find one that would be adjustable for their kids but this provided the perfect height adjustment feature. 

On the negative notes, parents have complained regarding the wheels of the roller.

Although safe and durable, they seem to put scratches on the hardwood and timber floors. 

Overall, no parents regretted buying the product or were concerned about the safety of their child or any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How comfortable and convenient the walker is?

A: The baby walker comes with a large and comfortable seat cushion which is greater than the normal size of baby seats.

The assembly is easy if the manual is followed accurately.

Q: ​What are the various toy features associated with the walker?

A: The product has a toy tray attached where it provides the features of various sound and noise systems.

With horn facility and engineered sound systems attached, it comes in a variety of colors to suit the choices of the customer.

​Final Verdict

Knowing about extensive features, advantages, disadvantages and the various minute details in this infant walker review it can be safely concluded that this is one of the most popular products for a very solid reason.

Delta Children’s Products make the best use of their efforts, resources and findings provide the best comfort available for a child. 

Providing with the various fun and entertaining toy attachments for the little kids and the various convenient systems built for the better use of parents, the recommendation to buy this product is an absolute yes.

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