Disney Music And Lights Walker Review

Disney Music and Lights Walker is just the walker you need to keep your baby enthralled all the time.

It's music and lights are sure to wow anybody who looks at the walker, and the sheer fun of using it will ensure that you do not have to worry about your little one not trying to use the walker anytime.

Just like with everything in life, parents also want to help their children when they begin to walk.

Babies gain strength faster  and begin to frolic around the house in no time.

However, they are clumsy and unsteady in the beginning and need assistance.

If you do not have any time or want your child to learn independently, then a good option for you is to get your baby a walker.

Most walkers that you buy sport the regular features of toys and portability.

You could carry around your walker with you even if you are on travel which ensures that your baby gets the fun they need, no matter where they are.

It's specialty is that it is baby girl walker. Don't worry your little boy can also enjoy it's ride!!

However, what if you could gift your baby something more than a walker?

Something he/she would remember all his/her life? 

Let's go through the amazing Disney Music and Lights Walker review and we are sure you will find the answer.

For Whom The Product Is Designed?

  • ​Busy parents who cannot walk their baby.
  • ​Parents who want their baby to learn to walk on his own.
  • ​Parents looking for a complete package of fun and learning from a walker.
  • ​Babies who get bored easily.
  • ​Active babies who do not stay in one place for long.

Features Of Disney Music & Lights Walker

Comfort and Support

To provide maximum comfort for your baby’s delicate skin, the seat of the disney walker is padded with soft fabric.

Their back gets ample support and they do not get fatigued by sitting for long.

The plastic used for the body of the walker is child safe and moulded to provide a good grip to support your baby when he/she pushes forward.


Infant tend to be messy by default. They will, more often than not, spill food or drinks or would spoil their pants when you least expect them to.

With a machine-washable seat, you can let your tot mess around in the walker.

You can then easily rinse out the seat and they can continue to have fun in his walker.

Interactive Snack and Toy Area

Babies need constant entertainment to make them happy.

Keeping this in mind, the disney music walker is equipped with an interactive tray with 4 princess-themed toys as well as music and lights features to keep your baby engrossed.

An expandable, swing-open food tray lets you serve snacks while your kid plays, so he/she stays filled and content.

Folds Easily

If you are going out or travelling, your baby needs his/her walker to keep up mobility.

It also becomes easier for you to let them roam around than having to carry him/her.

For this reason, this walker is designed to be easily foldable so it can company your child wherever he may go.


Safety is a major concern with baby products so the disney walker has been made in a child-friendly design and materials.

To prevent accidents, the wheels are provided with grips to retard mobility on uneven surfaces.

It can be used on both hard surfaces and carpets.

To know more about carpet friendly walker you can read this article.

Height Adjustments

This walker is designed in three different height positions. As a result, you can easily able to shape this walker, according to your baby’s height.

Your little one can able to grow with it for a long period.

​Weight & Height

The Disney Music and Lights Walker is 30 x 26 x 6 inches and 9.2 pounds on average.

The toddler’s maximum weight is 30 pounds recommended. And it is mainly designed for girls.


  • Works well on grass and carpets.
  • Adjustable height option so the walker remains useful as your baby grows.
  • Oversized snack area to prevent spillage.
  • Machine-washable seat.
  • Easily Storable.


  • Too tall for babies 6 months old or lesser.
  • No lock mechanism on wheels.
  • Batteries need to be changed again and again.

What Customers Says About The Walker?

About 60% of Amazon customers find this walker very useful to use. They have rated this walker 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

Most reviewers of the music and lights walker are supremely impressed with the product.

They are most impressed with the design of the walker with its wide base that keeps him from tipping.

The quality of the walker also received high commendation from users who termed it as durable and 'not flimsy at all'.

According to parents who bought this walker, it is very easy to put together and is easily foldable, as promised.

A recurring problem was the height of the walker, which most users found too tall for younger child (4-6 months).

However, it was a favorite among parents of older babies (6-8 months) who found the walker to be a perfect companion for their children.

Some reviewers faced problems with the wheels of the walker as they would collect dirt from the floor and gum up.

This hampered maneuverability. One reviewer found the lack of a locking mechanism on wheels a problem.

The interactive toys and music and lights features are a hit with babies as well as parents, who rank the walker highly for this fun element.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the lowest height setting?

A: 8 3/4 inches off the ground.

Q: ​Can the toy trays be removed easily?

​A: Yes, they can be with an adult. A baby, however, will not be able to.

​Final Verdict

The design and comfort provided by this walker make it an ideal option for your baby.

The toys and interactive features are fun additions that add value to the product.

It has few minor design glitches that can be overcome easily.

Specially designed keeping in mind the delicate care and support required by a baby, a Disney Music and Lights Walker is an excellent way to assist your baby as he learns to walk.

The different choices of toys also ensure that you do not have to worry about your baby crying all the time, you can tend to your household chores while your baby plays away. 

​For all of these reasons, this walker is a good bet for your money.

While you would find a lot of walkers out there, this one stands out from the rest.

The music and lights are a sight to see, but that's not the only thing your child would love. For one, who doesn't want a Disney Walker?

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