Do Babies Need Shoes to Learn to Walk?

Every parent eagerly waits to see their child first steps. How heavenly scene it is!

Parents’ heart leaps with joy when they see that their babies start to walk. It is very sensitive to every parent.

We have often noticed over concern among them regarding this issue.

In this very period, the most common question that peeps into parent mind is that do babies need shoes to learn to walk​ ?

do babies need shoes to learn to walk

Unlike most others parents, you may be confused about this statement.

In this writing, we have given our best efforts to analyze in accordance with medical and child science whether babies need shoes to learn to walk.

Hopefully, after reading the whole article, you will get a clear idea that whether it is true or simply a myth. So, let’s see.

Do Babies Need Shoes to Learn to Walk

First of all, according to medical science, the babies do not need any shoes to wear for learning walking.

There is no evidence yet in medical science that baby shoes helps baby to learn walking.

Here below we have discussed this topic in the light of old beliefs and medical science.

Old Beliefs

It is an old belief that that extra supports like shoes help baby to start walking earlier.

The Pediatricians believed that baby needs extra support to start walking.

And most probably on the based on these old myth the shoe companies were established.

Pediatricians advice

This belief continued for many and parents and pediatricians rear up their child at that time according to this old belief.

But this scenario started to change after 90’s after some remarkable scientific study.

Basically, these scientific researches confirmed that the babies do not need shoes to walk.

Thus this old belief lost its appeal. The scientific research proved some facts in these regards, which are as follows:

  • ​​Babies do not need extra support to work
  • ​​Babies’ ankles are stable and strong from the very beginning.
  • ​​Can walk with a rocking heel toe motion from their first steps.
  • ​​Babies can walk even like an adult in this stage.

Bare Facts

Foot is a complex structure contains with 26 bones and 35 joints which hold together.

There are many ligaments in feet to support these bones and joins. The foot of a baby is highly flexible and has fat padding.

baby bare foot

When most of the babies start to walk, they usually have weak ligaments and poor muscle tone in their feet.

These weaknesses of their feet disappear over times.

These weak ligaments and poor muscle tone improve over time and their feet become strong.

So barefoot is best for babies! Rather than the babies’ foot develops more naturally if longer they are allowed to walk without shoes.

​But don’t forget to give them baby socks when it is essential.

Matter To Be Concerned

Most of the babies start walking between 11 and 14 months.

Between these periods they take their first steps. But this range is boarded to 8 months to 17 months.

infant concern

That means some may walk at 8 months whereas some may start walking at 17months even.

It varies child to child. So, parents have nothing to be worried if their baby doesn’t walk after 11 months even.

​You can give them walker at this age. To know wh​at is the best age for walking read this article.

Keep in mind that all children don’t develop in a same way. Just be conscious if you see something abnormal in your baby like:

  • ​​Walk by 18 months.
  • ​​Any other way than on the toes.
  • ​​Walk in a pattern.

​Final Verdict

​So, we think it is now clear to you that actually babies don’t need shoes to learn to walk or stand.

Shoes have no contribution in babies feet development.

It just can protect their feet from dust and keep them warm if there is severe cold.

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