How To Choose The Baby Walker For Your Child

How To Choose The Baby Walker For Your Child

As your toddler grows, there comes a time when you have to accept that they need their own independence.

One way of doing so is by helping them to learn how to crawl and walk.

This means assisting your child one way or another. Baby walkers come in handy when faced with this type of situation.

how to choose the baby walker

They not only assist your child to learn how to walk by themselves but the array of toys keep them entertained and energized all day.

And the best thing about ​infant walkers is that you can complete your house chores knowing fully well your baby is occupied but still missing you.

Let’s know how to choose the best walker for baby.

How To Choose The Baby Walker

Shopping for the right baby walker can be a daunting task especially if you are a first-time mom.

There are several things that one has to consider and they include:

Types Of Baby Walkers

As a mom shopping for a baby walker, you need to know that there are two varieties you will find at the store.

The ​push walker and the seat in the baby walker. The ​push walker allows your baby to stand and push the walker around while holding to handle bars.

The seat-in walker has a seat and your baby can spend the day in that position.

The seat is padded to ensure comfort both at the bottom and the back. Both types have toys lined on the front of entertainment.

Weight Limit

Every baby walker is designed to support a particular weight range.

Normally, you will find baby walkers support a weight of between 15 to 25 pounds. Weight is a crucial factor as this can mean either safety or an accident.

If it’s a seat in baby walker, the seat supports the weight and if it’s unable, the straps can snap and could lead to injury.

Look for the right walker that supports your baby as they grow.

The Brand

Today, there are many companies that have come up and are producing baby accessories like baby walkers.

There are companies that have been around for so long and have established their brand name with customers.

There are others that have sprung up only recently but that does not mean that they are not reputable.

One way of knowing if a brand is reputable is by reading online reviews on major ecommerce stores.

Seat Pad

The seat provides comfort to your baby and this should be of utmost concern to you. Why?

Your baby will be spending much of the day seated and since the walker is mobile, they can move around easily.

The best seat should be well padded. This provides support to the bottom and the back.

Furthermore, it should be machine washable and removable.

Presence Of Toys

While the objective of a baby walker is to help your baby learn how to walk, it is important to keep them busy.

baby toys

When shopping for the right walker, look for one that has a wide array of toys.

For a baby girl, look for a walker with rattles and a telephone set with dials. For boys, you can look for a car model with a steering wheel, ignition key and mirrors.

The toys should generate sounds and lights to keep the baby occupied and entertained.

Here is an article about best walking toys you can read.

Height Adjustability

The best baby walker should be height adjustable. As the baby grows, the walker should be able to accommodate him or her.

When shopping, you will find two variations when it comes to height adjustment – 2 and 3 height settings.

The 3 height adjustment setting is better and can save you a lot as the baby will use it for a long time until they are able to walk well.

Easy To Store

The right baby walker should be easy to fold. This helps to ensure that a parent can store it well in case one plans to travel or after daily use.

Both the seat in and walk-behind baby walkers are easy to fold and they save a lot of space due to this feature.

Once folded, it can be stored in the car or below the bed or in the closet.


Today, you will find baby walkers designed in different models and with many features.

The more features a baby walker has, the more expensive it will be. As a parent, you need to budget for a baby walker that is safe and fun for your baby.

There are several models which are budget friendly and are produced by reputable brands.

To get a clear idea about baby walker cost read this article.

Baby Size & Age

Every walker is designed to fit babies of a particular size and age.

baby size and age

This is an important consideration especially when you factor in the time your baby spends in the walker.

The majority of baby walkers will recommend a baby who is 32 inches and under.

When it comes to age, 6 to 8 months is the beginning age for a baby to start using the walker. They can use it until they are aged 2 years.

Final Words

After reading the above factors, by now you have an idea of what to look for when shopping for a baby walker.

The factors above are just a guide and there are others that you can add in order to ensure you have a great baby walker.

It is important to have them in mind when shopping as they can save you a lot of money and trouble.

Let your baby learn to walk in a safe environment.

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