How To Clean A Baby Walker (Easy Steps)?

What if your baby's walker gets dirty when you are feeding your baby or what if your child poo on the walker?

Do not clean your baby’s walker properly; then there can be the attack of bacteria and germs.

These can make your child diseased. So it is better to clean baby's walker ​for safety.

how to clean a baby walker

How to clean a baby walker properly is the first thing to know about.

Because the walker can fade or if there is any electronic toy these can damage.

How To Clean A Baby Walker?

First, you should know about the parts of a toddler walker. There is two parts-fabric seat, and plastic and the metal part.

Some walkers can have toys and gripper strips.

Step 1: Use soap or detergent for fabric seat


Wash the fabric seat of the walker by detergent, baking soda, and vinegar.

It's better to use mild soap otherwise the material gets discolor or rust.

Vinegar makes the fabric seat soft.

Step 2: Cold water for cleaning

Use cold water when washing and let it air dried. If you have a washing machine, you can also wash in it.

Here also use cold water in washing machine. Do not use any dryer for drying the fabric.

Step 3: Washing plastic

You can just wipe the plastic portion using a damp cloth and then dry it.

Or use dish soap and hot water. Scrub odd fried food if there any.

Warm water helps to remove grease and grime, and the plastic becomes germ-free.

If you use sanitizer, make sure that there is no hidden grease and grime.

Step 4: Wiping plastic body

After washing the plastic and metal portion, wipe through the whole body and then allow to dry.

Remove fabric seat while cleaning plastic.

Step 5: Use sanitizer for toys

There can be toys on the desk of the walker. Wash these separately.

The toys without any batteries and electronic connections can be cleaned using dish soap and warm water.


Rinse the toys after washing. If the labels of toys show those are non-toxic, you can use approved sanitizers.

Use sanitizers after washing the toys if required.

You should avoid wiping electronic toys because this can cause damage the machine of the toys. Just clean these with a dry fabric.

Step ​6: ​Wash and dry gripper strips

Use cold or warm water for gripper strips. Sometimes you can make use of dish wash. Then dry these also.

In this process, you can easily clean and sterilize your baby's walker.

Warning About Cleaning

  • You cannot damn care while cleaning your baby's walker. You should be aware of some steps.
  • Wash properly that there left no dirt or dry food on the walker. Because these originates bacteria, fungus for which your baby can fall ill.
  • Corrosion of metal can easily cause in the presence of water and oxygen. So when cleaning, you should keep it in your mind and dry it using a dry fabric or tissue.
  • Electronic toys should keep away from water.
  • After washing and using sanitizer, rinse water thoroughly that there will be nothing left of soap.
  • Dry all the parts of walker that no drop of water is left.
  • Do not use the dryer because sometimes it can cause the damage of fabric.

​Final Verdict

After knowing the process of cleaning of your baby’s walker, you no longer need to be worried about this.

But you should be careful about when to clean the walker because this can dirt anytime when your baby is eating or playing.

And kids can quickly grab sickness by the attack of bacteria and germs.

By maintaining this process child's walker can last longer.

And you can become tension free if the walker is properly sterilized or not. 

Now you know how to clean a baby walker. So, clean your baby's walker properly and keep a good health of your child.

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Kari - December 15, 2017

How do you clean the seat of the Mickey Mouse walker cuz my daughter peed in it and I need to take it off and I can’t take it off can it be removed so I can wash that item in the washer

    Baby World - December 18, 2017

    Hello Kari, there are different models on Mickey Mouse walker. So first let me know which walker you have bought for your daughter. Then I can give you any solution. Is it “Disney Mickey Mouse Happy Hauler Ride On”?

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Lo - September 25, 2018

How can I get water out of a spinning/rattle/globe attachment that was accidentally submerged (woops). It’s half filled with soapy water and I cannot for the life of me get more than a tiny drop out. 😬🤷🏻‍♀️
I got the tiny screws out from either side, but I cannot get that sucker to open. It clearly comes apart, I can see the seams. It’s plastic, clear, and attaches to green prongs that attach to the tray so the baby can spin it. Any ideas!? I’ll try to send a pic.


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