Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in1 Activity Walker Review

Hello all the blessing parents who have so cute little prince/princess in your house!!

Today we are going to review another wonderful baby walker which name is Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker.

The happiest moment for any baby is when he or she learns to walk. And it is easy to understand why they are so excited to walk.

Sleeping all day and being held by grown ups all day long can get dull and boring. It is funny how they are.

Some will walk before they crawl and then get back on all fours when they can easily walk.

Others take too long to learn how to walk because of being fearful or too heavy.

No matter how your kid is, get them a baby walker. Once sat in the walker, nature will take the course.

The walker will just move and the baby will get used to it.

Sooner than later, their fear will vanish and they will walk for the first time. 

Do not choose just any walker; however, pick the kolcraft tiny steps 2-in-1 walker instead. It is one of the most popular walkers.

For Whom The Product Is Designed?

  • ​It is strictly made for babies who want to walk now.
  • ​Babies who need help to develop their motor skills faster.
  • ​Babies who are pretty dull and need sensory toys for entertainment.
  • ​Parents who have no time to help their kids walk.
  • ​Kids who need a push vehicle after learning how to walk.

Features Of Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Walker

Duo-Purpose Activity Walker

The walker provides a seat just like many other baby walkers.

Before your child learns how to use their walker, they will use the seat for extra comfort and support.

Soon enough they will walk and stabilize without relying on the walker or your hands.

After this, this walker will still be useful to the child. They will now use it as a walk-behind vehicle.

You can convert the seated activity walker to a walk-behind walker for your toddler.

There is another walk-behind push walker. You can find it in our article here.

Folds Flat

This walker is long and quite big. Thus, you might worry that it will take you half of the area.

Fortunately, the kolcraft walker tot rider is collapsible. In other words, it folds flat for easier storage.

You can push it beneath a bed or place it anywhere there is narrow space. So you can also go for travel without any tension of storing it.

If storage was your fear, I hope it has disappeared now.

A Play Tray

This baby walker provides a whole station with developmental toys that will boost your child’s motor growth.

The toys are not only designed for one stage of growth. The baby will grow with them to toddler stage.

They include a vertical flower mirror with crumpled petals and textured stem.

They also have rotating balls and a bead bar for increased motor skill development and continuous amusement.

Independent Front Wheels

This baby walker has front and rear wheels. As you might know, every walker must provide some form of a braking system.

It has very independent front wheels that could lock to stop the walker from moving too speedily or hitting an object, perhaps.

You can set them to lock or rotate. The manufacturer lets you protect your infant via these versatile, independent wheels.

If you are looking for a sturdily constructed walker, then you can take a look at a glance our Bright Starts Walker review.

Luxurious Seat Pad

This kolcraft walker provides one of the most stylish seats. It has a seat pad to make the baby’s back and but comfortable.

What’s more, the high back features add to the back support the infant gets.

Note that the seat height is adjustable.

As a result, this walker grows with your little tot. The seat pad is easy to clean with the machine, and this guarantees a spotlessly clean baby walker.

​Weight & Height

The walker is 24.3 x 30 x 25 inches when unfolded and 24.3 x 30 x 8 inches when folded. And 7.5 pounds weigh on average.


  • Based on non-skid friction pads for safeties.
  • It has a speed control feature to avoid petty accidents.
  • Works as a Seat walker and a Walk-behind walker.
  • Offers toys to enhance motor skill development.
  • Quick assembly.


  • Some users were unable to use it on carpeted floors.
  • A few think it is only best as a regular walker.

What Customers Says About The Walker?

Parents or people who bought this walker for infant in their lives were generally happy with it.

There are many reviewers who thought the kolcraft tiny steps 2-in-1 walker was superb.

As a matter of fact, there is one mother who claims to use it with all her babies as soon as they learn how to support their back.

She just sits them on the seat pad and let them enjoy their surroundings from there until their turn to learn how to walk comes.

After they have walked, she then lets the toddlers push the walker around.

This alone implies that the walker is durable and multi-purpose. There are quite a lot of people who think they got a good bargain.

They have no problem at all with any component of the walker and gave it a 5-star rating.

Concerning maneuverability, most users found that the walker could not roll smoothly on top of carpets.

One parent found that the stoppers put on the bottom of the walker double the challenge of using the walker on a carpeted surface.

As a result, they ended up removing the stoppers and it was difficult and inconvenient.

Hence, in their review, they wish the stoppers were detachable.

There are people who had an issue with the way that this sitting walker can be converted to a walk-behind walker by simply detaching the seat.

Some found it flimsy in this context. However, it didn’t bother some buyers or their kids.

Finally, reaching the floor with both feet was not a challenge for most babies who got the walker from their parent or grandparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old does my baby have to be?

A: Generally, parents allow their little one to use it from 4 to 5-months.

It has been bought for an eight-month baby, then a ten months infant and so on.

Q: ​Can I use this one as a push walker?

A: Yes. You can.

​Final Verdict

To be bluntly honest, the Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity walker is a good deal.

It is very affordable and economical compared to other baby walkers. Second, it plays the role of a regular walker pretty well.

So, for its price, you have an adorable walker that could be inherited by your future kids as well.

Concerning safety, this walker is number one. It has speed controllers and lockable front wheels.

You aren’t going to find your youth on the floor crying at any given time.

​As long as you walk it on a smooth surface, the equipment will help your little one walk sooner than you can imagine now.

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