Safety 1st Ready Set Walk Walker Review

Safety 1st ready set walk walker is a perfect product for small babies who just turned 3 months.

It is light weight and you can easily afford price it offers.

The walker can hold your baby and carry them in an upright position. It can carry the baby weight to up to 30 pounds.

It has the feature that is easy to assemble without any extra tools.

The three positions height adjustment is the most attractive feature that allows your baby to touch the floor from the beginning.

Gradually you can adjust its height with your growing baby.

Even though this walker is a bit unsteady on carpets but it has fairly easy mobility on the floor.

For Whom The Product Is Designed?

  • ​This Product is excellent for the babies those who are getting ready to walk.
  • ​It can hold the baby weight up to 30 pounds.
  • ​You can fold down the walker easily and compactly. So, it is easy to store and easy to carry.
  • ​Hence, this walker is a good option for the frequent travelers who make frequent trips away from their home.

Features Of Safety 1st Ready Set Walker

Size and Weight

It is light in weight, 8.7 pounds and the size is not too big or bulky, 27 x 24 x 7 inches.

Adjustable Height Levels

Heights are adjustable in three different positions.

Each height ensures the size, height, and support for a growing baby. And it is easy to adjust.

Carrying & Storing Facility

The walker can easily nest in a compact shape. So, it is easy for a quick storage.

It also ensures easy carrying on trips away from home.

Sturdy & Durability

Walker is made with the Quality material. It is sturdy and durable.

Easy & Safe Mobility

Wheels move around easily on bare floors. However, it gives a bit of a pain to move around on the carpet.

It is because of the gripper strips which help to stop or slow down child’s mobility to avoid injuries.

Its wide base is unique for superior stability when it makes it easier to stay in upright position.

Go through this article for more information about baby walker safety related question and answer.


Assembling the walker is fairly easy and require no extra tool.

Seat & Tray

Seat doesn’t swivel, it is stationary. But the other unit rolls or turns easily. The seat can hold up to 30 pounds.

It has padded seat which is water resistant and can remove easily for washing. The seat is puke-proof.

It is machine-washable. The tray is crevice-free and also easy to wipe.

So, you don’t have to worry about snack time messes. The tray also provides extra room for toys which the baby can grab easily.

Price & Quality

In comparison to other product it is quite affordable.There is a difference in quality but that doesn’t really matter.

But for the price, it is easy to compromise. However, the quality is great in term of price.

Multiple Development Activities

Manufacturer designed this feature to provide multiple development activities to the babies.

Great toys, flashing lights, and different songs are added to this feature.

Music and light buttons run with batteries. Unfortunately, the batteries are not replaceable.

This feature amuses and delights the baby while stimulating their visual and auditory senses.

What Customers Says About The Walker?

People love its 3 steps height adjustment feature. It enables their babies’ feet to be on the floor at its lowest height.

That helps develop their leg muscles and able to walk at an early stage.

Some like its simplicity and the color matching which is perfect for both a boy or a girl.

Moreover, this walker is affordable for them.

Customers choose it for their babies as it can hold their babies straight up or standing up.

So that their babies move around the rooms without getting tired up while being on the walker.

Assembling the walker is fairly easy and need no extra tools. Its front wheels are secure but a bit difficult for them to get all the way.

Still, they are satisfied as it serves their purpose.

Some like its nautical theme with few melodies which can amuse their babies.

It has a tray which is great for snack time and easy to wash. So, they don’t have to worry about snack time messes.

Some say it is sturdy and also fun for their babies.

They love its height adjustment feature though it is a bit of a pain when it doesn’t fold to put away.

But they prefer this walker to others they have used.

​Final Verdict

In conclusion, I recommend my reviewers to have Safety 1st ready set walker for your babies, especially for its height adjustment facility.

Because you can start using this walker when your baby can sit unassisted.

After that, keep adjusting its height with your growing babies. And of course, you cannot ignore its affordable price.

Another great feature is you can nest it easily into a compact shape.

So, you can store it if you like or take it when you travel away from home.

​However, set up is so easy for which you don’t need any tool. Consequently, I suggest you have such walker without any hesitation.

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