Safety 1st Sounds N' Lights Discovery Walker Review

With so many different toys on the market, infants and toddlers today have very little to be bored about.

It's an added benefit when toys also happen to be beneficial in some way.

With the Safety 1st Sounds N Lights Discovery Walker, children learns how to walk while playing and having a good time.

This walker acts as a mobile entertainment system for infants. It is full of vibrant colors and textures that stimulate the visual, auditory, and sensory systems.

The walker also allows infants to strengthen their legs before they begin to walk.

​Another speciality of this walker is that it is one of the best walker for carpet.

It lets infant practice the simplest mechanism of walking, which is to step with one leg at a time.

Walking may happen differently for each individual infant or toddler.

For Whom The Product IS Designed?

  • ​Infants or toddlers who are able to sit up without assistance.
  • ​Infants or toddlers who weigh no more than 30 pounds or 13.6 kilograms.
  • ​Infants or toddlers that are taller than 32 inches or 81.3 centimeters.

Features Of Safety 1st Sounds Walker

Activity Trays

The main table of the walker is made up of two activity trays that swing open to reveal a bigger tray in the middle.

This introduces the concept of open/close to an infant and also helps with fine motor skills.

Each tray also contains other components that light up and make sounds when moved.

The center tray is indented and is a good place for other toys or even snacks.

Dinosaur-themed Toys

This tot walker contains a total of five toys that can entertain and engage an infant for a good amount of time.

The entire walker is full of images of colorful dinosaurs and other toys.

This alone can help in the development of a child’s visual senses.

The sounds and lights on this walker add a tremendous entertainment value as well. The sights and sounds are easy to produce for any child to enjoy.

Compact Storage

There’s no hassle worse than travel with an infant and not being able to have a place for them to sleep or even just play.

This Safety 1st Walker is designed to be compact and mobile.

It folds quickly into itself and compact enough to be stowed away for storage at home or even the car for any quick family getaways. 

It is also good to be put away when not being used by the infant for more room and space in any home.


The seat is made out of padded material that can be washed thoroughly via the washing machine.

Most parents know how much of a mess one infant can make, and thus make might include food regurgitations, juice or milk spills, or even other bodily fluids.

Having the capability to wash the seat will not only keep it fresh and clean; it will also keep the walker healthy and free of bacteria.

Height Adjustments

Now-a-days most of the walker has this amazing feature. Here is a example of another walker which has this height adjustment system.

It is true that not all babies are the same. They all come in different shapes and sizes.

Also, not all infants grow at the same rate. Some grow faster than others, who just take a slower approach to growing.

Having a 3-position height adjustment allows infants to be able to use the walker for as long as possible without having to outgrow it.

This also makes it a penny saver for the parents.

Grip Trips

To ensure maximum safety of the kid grip trip, plays an important role.

It reduces the movement of the walker automatically when baby pushes it on uneven surfaces.

So parents need not to worry when their little one enjoys a ride on the walker.

​Weight & Height

The average weight of the safety 1st sounds 'n lights acivity walker is 11 pounds.

And its product dimensions are 24 x 28.1 x 22.5 inches. The maximum weight of the baby is 30.9 pounds recommended.



  • Folds easily and quickly.
  • Durable and good quality overall.
  • Not overly complicated toys for infants.
  • Comfortable seat to rest on when not walking and machine-washable.


  • Much not suitable for shorter infants.
  • Folding feature makes the legs a little flimsy.
  • Difficult to replace toy batteries.

What Customers Says About The Walker?

For most customers, this Safety 1st Sounds Walker comes and functions just as it says it would.

It manages to bring infants around as well as entertain when need be.

The tray is a great feature for many customers, as the indentation is deep enough to prevent any spillage of food while the infant is in the walker. 

Some customers claim that this walker cannot be used by infants that are short in height since it comes up a little too high even on the shortest height adjustment setting. 

However, this walker is designed for infants that can sit up by themselves. This can mean at different months of age or at different heights as well.

Customers also agree that this walker is durable. It is easy to clean since it is made up of plastic, and the seat is washable.

This also makes it both an indoor and outdoor walker. The wheels are strong and ride well.

It’s a great alternative to the bouncer because it allows infants to explore on their own while being safe at the same time. 

The way the walker is so compact, both when being folded and when it is open, just makes the difference when it comes to space as well.

Not all families have the room to have a walker for their infants. 

The safety 1st sounds n lights discovery walker does not need too much space to be used or be stored compared to other walkers that are either too round or wide at the bottom to be able to get through places even in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can the seat be taken off?

A: There are tabs around the seat that can be pulled off and the buckles in the bottom need to be unbuckled.

Q: Does the walker work on thick carpet?

A: No. It's best on hardwood floors, tile or some other flat surface.

Q: Does the walker fold flat for easy storage?

A: Yes, it folds down. But not completely flat because of the back support on the seat.

Q: Does the walker ​have any breaks?

​A: It has no breaks. But the front wheels come off easily to set down on the pads.

​Final Verdict

This walker from "Safety 1st" is a good investment for parents on helping their toddlers learn the mechanisms of walking.

It is sturdy and safe and will last for as long as the baby might need it.

It’s toy features may be minimal, but with the capability of moving around with this equipment, infants will just be excited to see their surroundings all on their own. 

This walker is efficient and easy to maintain and even put away until the next baby comes along.

It is definitely not only made with babies in mind, but with parents as well.

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